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Get Direct Delivery : Send your press release via the highest regarded and respected PR newswire service. All media targeting services - from writing, to video, podcast and photo - are provided in-house by the ONLY BUSINESS WIRE TO OFFER THESE SERVICES COMPLETELY IN-HOUSE. ARCHIVE YOUR PRESS RELEASE INDEFINITELY - NOT JUST 7 OR 30 DAYS- and benefit from the long-term long tail impact of your news release when the public is searching online, with no hidden costs.


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Example Press Releases

Over 17 years of service, we've written and edited thousands of stories for every kind of company and organization, in different markets and diverse geographic areas. You can see example press releases in our home page Feature - Ask us for relevant samples in your industry or have us provide you with feedback on your draft, at no charge.

Press Release Format: The Building Blocks

You may think the fee for press release writing services is more than you would like. May we suggest you consider how much more attention people give to news stories than to advertising? A single press release that gets your business covered as a feature story generates more attention to your business that the hundreds or thousands of dollars you might spend in advertising that relies on people being attracted to your ad and accomplishes little to nothing for you - except deplete your budget.

When members of the media - journalists, editors and broadcasters - write a story about your business, they give you credibility, because the public believes these professionals have already done the homework on the news they report on - checked the facts and applied good judgment to selecting the story.

In traditional public relations (PR), businesses sent their stories to the media, the "press," when news was strictly conveyed via a printed press in the form of newspaper; modern day online PR positions press releases as "news" releases, reflecting a change in the variety of news sources that are now available.

News Pickup

How will your story be used? Sometimes you'll know, because a journalist will call you or contact you. More often than not, you won't know unless you do your own research or hire a firm (with a hefty monthly retainer fee) to do the research for you. These types of services are called, "Clipping Services"; it used to be these companies would subscribe to all the major newspapers, and a worker at the clipping service would manually review each one, using scissors to cut the article out and send it to a client.

Credibility Trumps Duplication

The issue with current online clipping and reporting is the accuracy of the information you're provided with; we know it, because we've explored the options. It is in the interest of a service to provide you with data - how reliable is it really? Can you specifically point to pickup as a feature article on a news organization's website or credible influential website? Having your content duplicated and visible on multiple (similar) websites doesn't matter and can actually hurt you with search engines.

We are and always have been about quality, even when pressured to lower our rigorous editorial standards to issue low quality content focused on Black Hat: Webmasters who tried to artificially inflate website rankings by acquiring lots of backlinks through article posting have found this now addressed, at least with Google, through several updates.

With such a wide array of news sources available, the media can afford to be selective about where they go to get their news. Journalists and broadcasters value targeted, relevant news stories sent to them because the right story saves them precious time.

For Ideas, Call Us

Our phone number is easy and memorable: We are happy to help you brainstorm and give you tips how you can write your release. If, after you tried your hand at it, you've found that trying to write a press release yourself is either too challenging or you want to be sure you take advantage of every opportunity to get it right the first time, you can still have our team of experts write one.

The time you've spent will better equip you to recognize when our professional writers have applied their talent to your project.

Ask us for ideas or call us. We're happy to share our experience with you.

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