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Get Direct Delivery : Send your press release via the highest regarded and respected PR newswire service. All media targeting services - from writing, to video, podcast and photo - are provided in-house by the ONLY BUSINESS WIRE TO OFFER THESE SERVICES COMPLETELY IN-HOUSE. ARCHIVE YOUR PRESS RELEASE INDEFINITELY - NOT JUST 7 OR 30 DAYS- and benefit from the long-term long tail impact of your news release when the public is searching online, with no hidden costs.


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How do you catch someone's attention in 2.7 seconds?

Got your's - you have about that much time to grab a journalist's attention - or anyone's - with your news releases before they get deleted or are directed to the trash. To maximize the return on your investment, your press releases need to be written in a persuasive yet credible fashion that answers all the questions a journalist could raise about the credibility of your news releases. Press releases must be written in the proper format and crafted in a newsworthy format.

With newsrooms tight on staff, directing press releases to them in the appropriate format - the Associated Press (AP style) - addresses the needs of the media and lets producers focus on evaluating the strength of your story for its potential for pickup. It might help to know that the Associated Press took the time to produce a one-inch thick stylebook; if they took that trouble, you can be sure they have expectations about how content is presented to the organizations editors.

The most compelling difference between well-written press releases and fair press releases is the drawing power of the headline and the magnetism of the opening paragraph, followed closely by the strength of the supporting material. When you brand yourself the first time and submit a press release that meets the journalists' guidelines and acknowledges their unique needs, you become associated with a polished and professional image.

The experts who comprise the Eworldwire press release writing and editing team are experienced at crafting press releases, media alerts and other forms of communication that clearly explain and professionally articulate your message to the media.

You've read this far because we sparked an interest in you, and that is what our professional news release writers do for your press release.

To give your press releases an added edge, each and every release processed by Eworldwire receives a review by experienced professionals with journalism experience. We can perform a comprehensive edit to sharpen your news release, to highlight the elements up front that journalists reviewing your releases would be looking for.

Would you try to communicate with someone unfamiliar with your native language, or would you customize your message in a way that person would better understand what you're trying to say? That doesn't mean we take liberty with your release - unless you want to put the benefit of our years of experience to work for you. Enhanced SEO writing services are available to add traction with your content on search engines, sizzle to your story and attract maximum response at fees that are unquestionably the most competitive in the industry.

We serve businesses, both public and private; small, medium and large; governments and government officials; and even private citizens - with the ultimate goal of increasing your recognition. See why our work does more than just work for you but initiates journalists to take action on it - at better than competitive pricing and the highest number of complimentary account features in the market let us do your work.

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