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Get Direct Delivery : Send your press release via the highest regarded and respected PR newswire service. All media targeting services - from writing, to video, podcast and photo - are provided in-house by the ONLY BUSINESS WIRE TO OFFER THESE SERVICES COMPLETELY IN-HOUSE. ARCHIVE YOUR PRESS RELEASE INDEFINITELY - NOT JUST 7 OR 30 DAYS- and benefit from the long-term long tail impact of your news release when the public is searching online, with no hidden costs.


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Among the items editors and writers seek, a survey recently concluded that nine out of ten reporters said they find the information they need when writing stories less than 75 percent of the time - this is why we provide you with a complimentary Online NewsRoom® Your Eworldwire custom, branded Online NewsRoom allows journalists easy access to your information before they become discouraged when researching, increasing your chances of getting exposure.

Every Eworldwire client account is accompanied by an Online NewsRoom and company logo - at no additional charge.

Not only do editors and writers want a centralized location for obtaining information in the form of an Online NewsRoom, but the top four items they are seeking there are:

  • Press Releases - both current and archived, along with multimedia items like photos and video.
  • 24-hour contact information.
  • Corporate data including a summary.
  • A way to sign up to receive future news releases about your company.

Reporters use the Internet 90 percent of the time to gather information about a company. With the wide range of hours reporters work and leads coming in all the time, reporters are more likely to find your Online NewsRoom after searching for more information - providing them with a reliable source to cover the news that you want reported.

Journalists voice discouragement when performing traditional research, clearly stating that they will not return to your site if they do not find breaking and current news - prevent this from happening to you. Link from your site to your Online NewsRoom to make your news releases available in real-time - current and accurate.

Eworldwire includes the features journalists want with your press releases - at no additional cost with any standard or regular news release distribution. Most press release news wire distribution services do not offer automatic creation of an Online NewsRoom as an option with their services - others charge from $2,500 per year plus set annual software fees totaling thousands of dollars per year.

We strive to move your business ahead - we level the playing field to provide all businesses with an equal opportunity - whether a Fortune 500 company or a local restaurant.

Other enhancements available for your Eworldwire Online NewsRoom are:

  • Photos for your NewsRoom with a high resolution version for download by the media, along with links to your press releases.
  • Spreadsheets and Reports.
  • Current Stock Price Quote.
  • Audio and Video files.
  • Annual Reports.
  • Listing of Awards and Recognitions.

All of the above items are available on an a la carte basis or as part of a custom package.

Our EWORLDWIRE Media Support Team is a dedicated extension of your PR department available to you to support your public relations efforts to steer the media to your material and assist them in using your story - at no cost to you.

Call us today at 888.546.NEWS or 973-252-6800, write us at infoteam AT eworldwire DOT com or submit an online inquiry to find out more about how Eworldwire can help you meet your NASDAQ and SEC requirements!

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