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Public Relations: Online PR, Optimum Results

Online PR can be more cost-effective and present greater bottom-line results than advertising is or could be.

Can you imagine a time without a cell phone? Yet, just a few short years ago, having one was the exception, not the rule.

Can you imagine a time without the Internet? Yet, the convenience of having the world at your fingertips has become second-nature for most people.

The ultimate in convenience and immediate access to information are the greatest reasons why companies are foolish to ignore the potential for online PR - both for its positive and negative power, to create relationships and build businesses.

Translated simply, today's public relations can transform your business and its products, services and operations:

  • Establish and Grow Your Brand
  • Enhance the Perceived Value of Your Company
  • Generate Awareness of Your Products and Services
  • Increase Demand for Your Products and Services
  • Change the Way Your Product is Perceived
  • Expand Your Client Base
  • Establish Trust for Your Company - and Your Products
  • Form a Position of Leadership for Your Company in Your Industry
  • Draw Top Quality Talent to Your Company and Improve Employee Morale

Contemporary public relations encompasses a greater variety of responsibilities than ever before, and many companies have a tendency to define online PR to suit their own purposes - which would be acceptable if what was undertaken was handled correctly.

Online PR may involve attempts to preserve a brand, a company's public image, or even its company name, and effectively the flow of information to the public, to employees, and to the media. These activities may be the work a company engages in within and for the community in which it operates or the activities the company engages in for its own purposes. Online PR presents a forum for customer interaction, opening up conversation and strengthening collaboration between companies and their consumers.

For 17 years, we've supported the efforts of small businesses to incorporate online PR and marketing techniques into their marketing plans to their advantage. We've merged their efforts with Internet technologies to deliver their company's news where consumers are - online - with great success. While people understand advertising in newspapers, it has been an educational process to explain how online PR can be effective at growing awareness of their company.

Understanding how people behave - through searching and social media use - is the first step.

Some businesses have opted to attempt to reach buyers directly, thinking that sales will result from their efforts. However, the credibility associated with coverage by a traditional medium - newspaper, television or radio - continues to hold significant weight with consumers. The Internet has made it easier to perform online PR activities - such as find relevant media contacts and create regular dialogue to develop relationships with journalists, and many online PR principles are the same as traditional PR, such as the importance of developing and maintaining a good reputation.

New expectations for online PR include:

Cost savings. Because it's still in its infancy, e-mail newsletter campaigns for online PR are more cost-effective - and can be more quickly issued, than more traditional PR activities such as direct mail. Many online PR activities significantly reduce or eliminate printing and related costs, and many online PR channels have a perceived no-out-of-pocket cost - just the value of the time spent in the activity.

Immediacy. Information on demand rules. While consumers might have wanted something right away before, online PR changes the rules in how quickly the response can be made. Traditional print media, for example, extends the lead time needed for delivery; online PR shortens the lead time for online advertising virtually to minutes. Changes - i.e. pulling an ad - can be performed within the blink of an eye.

Leveling Opportunity. Big behemoths have deep pockets - small businesses don't need the financial resources to compete. Often drive and commitment are enough to catapult a business to the forefront of consumers' minds. Businesses that present the same - or better - value and return have an equal or greater chance of capturing buyers, because they may be nimble and flexible - and perceived to be more responsive.

Why A Search Engine | SEO Services Company For Online PR

When you need back surgery, do you go to a traditional doctor or a specialist? While there are lots of capable companies with an established brand name, why should you be locked into higher fees for press release services - and miss the opportunity for greater advantages from a nimble relative-newcomer?

Online PR is best handled by the companies best able to service your online PR needs. A significant part of effectively building a presence online involves appropriate search engine optimized content for search engines. While traditional PR companies are effective at building advertising campaigns, are they truly adept at identifying the right opportunities for building quality backlinks - links from authority sites such as high Google PageRank news sites where a blog or story is a trusted link?

We didn't step into online PR when it became convenient. It's an activity we've been engaged in since the beginning. We know the ins and outs - don't miss out with a service that uses typo-catchers for writing services. Choose our writing professionals - our skilled SEO writing services - for maximum success in your SEO online PR strategy.

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