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Press Release Distribution | Press Release Distribution Services

Why EworldwireTM

Get Direct Delivery : Send your press release via the highest regarded and respected PR newswire service. All media targeting services - from writing, to video, podcast and photo - are provided in-house by the ONLY BUSINESS WIRE TO OFFER THESE SERVICES COMPLETELY IN-HOUSE. ARCHIVE YOUR PRESS RELEASE INDEFINITELY - NOT JUST 7 OR 30 DAYS- and benefit from the long-term long tail impact of your news release when the public is searching online, with no hidden costs.


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Today's Press Release Myths

ONE: If a service is older, it must be better.

Are you looking for a fine wine or highly customized, personalized press release news wire distribution services? The world has changed dramatically in the last 60 years - in the last 10, 5 ... last year. Are you looking for an approach to press release distribution that takes advantage of the most current technologies to maximize your impact - one that has made its mark in the industry by embracing - and implementing - new technologies? The way journalists get their news has also changed forever, with more ways than ever to discover news. The service you use must ensure your press releases make their way to the furthest reaches of the online world, either via direct, targeted delivery to the media that cover your industry or by organizations that feed the news they receive to other information resources.

What happens when a new car model enters the market? People are cautious and skeptical - over time, as people begin to try it out, they find out it suits their needs better than other cars they might previously have owned and driven ... but if you never take it for a test drive, how can you be sure it's not the car for you? Reputation builds - and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. With over 17 years of service, we believe we've proven ourselves.

TWO: Editors wear blinders and would never consider news from newswires other than the "biggies."

Ask any member of the media if the standard approach in fact-checking or verification is ignored in any situation. Even an experienced, senior journalist knows the information he or she reports on has to be accurate. Does anyone want to risk their credibility by taking a chance and not doing the basic background examination the media is trained to do? So if the news is going to the same media recipients, does it really matter who sends it? Does it make sense to throw money at a service just because? Does your business deserve more than the one-size-fits-all approach? You're right - it is unimaginable to give money to a company that sends out e-mail blasts, that piggybacks onto other larger, true newswires or that groups your release with dozens of others at a time, but it makes perfect sense to go with a service that vets and fully qualifies journalists for access to its service and system - a service that takes your release, performs a comprehensive review of the content to ensure it meets the highest editorial standards and selects the most relevant, appropriate media contacts - the people who would be most interested in your news and most likely to consider it for coverage.

THREE: If it costs more, it must be worth it.

Why? What are you paying for? Upgrades to computer systems? When Fortune 1000 companies start out, where do they start - in huge facilities with massive payrolls? Are there never new companies that make it to the list - or ones that fall off? We don't have top heavy bureaucracy or red tape to contend with - we're flexible and agile. Our business has a reputation for rapid adaptation of new technology and to changes in markets. We can address or exceed the needs of clients without a lot of extra labor or overhead.

FOUR: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Pages covered in testimonials - do they really indicate a company's true success at helping clients get media pickup? Is the website blanketed in testimonials because the company is striving to convince you of its credibility? The media is bombarded with information all day from a wide range of sources just as you are - e-mail, fax, phone - not to mention the handheld smart devices ... the list goes on. Only a handful of stories make the first cut, and only a select few make it as featured news. Experienced marketers know that it takes more than a single press release distribution to get results - that a complete marketing plan includes a campaign with regular, periodic news distribution. Marketing is, by any dictionary's definition, a systematic course of aggressive activities focused on a specific purpose.

Do the research: Marketing can take countless approaches. Distributing one press release is just the first step - a single part of a complete plan aimed at attracting attention to your business. Understanding the combination that ultimately results in achieving your goals - sales, attention or signups, is what will drive your success.

FIVE: Everyone knows how to write effective press releases.

A team of expert, skilled copywriters with journalism experience takes the time to tell you or show you how your release can attract more attention. When was the last time you called a big company and were transferred to another line, because the person you spoke with couldn't answer your question (after you were on hold for 20 minutes)? Knowing you have a team of skilled professionals at your fingertips that can educate you about many different facets of content preparation and then assist you in highlighting the most important aspects early in the release is priceless. It's true, typographical errors and mistakes detract from the professional image you are working so hard to establish. Are you in a position to compete with the big-hitters, or are you making progress on your way there? Is there really only one masterful copywriter in the world capable of helping you meet your public relations and marketing goals?

SIX: When your news goes out, it should be lost in the shuffle or bundled with competitors.

Your story deserves a chance - can you be sure it's not being directed as part of a pack of releases, so that it gets buried at the end of the e-mail, the bottom of the stack of faxes, or at the end of the ticker? You want a service that takes a distinct, custom approach and is focused on the maximum impact of your release - not on the maximum number of press releases it processes each day, or accepts your release only to forward it through another true newswire when you can go direct to get the exact same service for a quarter of the cost.

SEVEN: Relevant sources don't want your news.

If your primary target is a niche market, does broad blanket coverage to a lengthy, cookie-cutter list mean you'll receive better attention than ensuring the most appropriate editors receive your news? Is there any possibility at all that, because the cookie-cutter approach swamps editors with irrelevant releases, that when your's arrives from that cookie-cutter service, it could be overlooked?

Are you more likely to get the eyeballs you're looking for during a chance search or by direct delivery to the editor's or producer's inbox or fax, for example? The online presence is a powerful aspect - ensuring the right hands get your news is, too.

EIGHT: The people working at the service are traditional public relations (PR) people.

Technology has transformed - and continues to transform - the business market in ways people could never have imagined even just 10 years ago. Companies that evolve and pursue those technologies are leaving others behind. Business savvy is not limited by industry - and its true worth can be measured by more than lip service; it's important to be well-rounded in many different industries - that experience lends itself to understanding a wide range of needs, of clients and of the media. With a mobile site for handheld devices, video news releases and podcasts, wireless notifications - along with significant standard features like a custom Online NewsRoom that others newswires charge exorbitant rates for, you get more - in features, quality and service for your money. Whether clients need to send one release, or use a service over a period of years, they should be able to expect the same responsiveness regardless of who they speak with at the newswire.

NINE: The service adheres to a standard policy.

You have very specific needs - and those needs may extend beyond the press release at hand. The service goes beyond the ordinary to become extraordinary. Experienced professionals can help you put together all the pieces to make your news newsworthy. Does it warrant a press conference and inviting the press individually? Product photos? Image building and branding? CEO coaching for a video snapshot to give insight about your company's progress in the industry? There are good writers - and some that can really blow you away - and a handful of reputable newswires - assembling the right mix, and knowing the resource you're using offers much more may be of value to you.

TEN: You shouldn't be able to speak to writers directly.

Whether you click or call, the time to get started is now. You landed at Eworldwire because you were looking for a solution - information that would answer your questions, allay your concerns, and help you accomplish something. Maybe you need more - friendly, pleasant help is as close as your phone or mouse away, if you take action now. Walking away might mean you might never meet your goal of getting the word out about your business, your product or your service - or you find yourself back here again six months from now, in the same position you are in today. The only way to make a difference is to get started and take control of your future. You can choose to contact us for feedback about what you've put together already or just to bounce ideas off. Whatever you ask for, we will strive to provide it - and more.

Because we so firmly believe in what we do, we've trademarked the words - we help people MOVE AHEAD.

Call 888-546-NEWS (6397) for help getting started or view distribution targeting options.

Speak with your account manager at 888.546.NEWS (6397) to discuss the ways we can help you get your press releases to the media that cover your industry.

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