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To know whether it's worth hiring a professional writing service to create your press releases - or site content, sales content, marketing materials, brochures, ads or any other content - it's worth understanding what an expert search engine optimizer - SEO copywriter - brings to the table in terms of skills.

SEO Copywriter: Using Terms of Endearment With Search Engines

You might like to think about search engine optimization copywriting or search engine copywriting as the ability to balance writing for the reader and search engines which present ranked results from searching. Using the kind of language or words and combinations of words that users would search using, an SEO copywriter prepares text in a way that it reads well, is combined overall effectively with other relevant text, and also targets specific search terms. The primary focus of the content is to produce information that entices search engines to show your content higher within a search engine results page (SERP).

The challenge with SEO copywriting? Being aware of the environment - that there are dozens and dozens of other elements that can impact SERP - Google reportedly incorporates over 200 factors in calculating its patented Google PageRank.

While the greatest content can be available to search engines, unless other elements of this PageRank are considered, your content may never reach the first positions of a search.

Within the Google PageRank algorithm (calculation of relevant results) and some search engines are believed to be consideration for relevancy of the page title to the content, the description of the page as seen by search engines, to some extent keywords (although Google reportedly ignores this), use of appropriate tags for headings, descriptive image tags - and, of course, the quality of the content on the page.

Other important elements? The age of a domain name (how old is your Web site?), keywords within the domain (study search results and you'll see it), and, not the least important - the quality of links to your content.

SEO copywriters sense from their research that the minimum number of words - around 250 viewable words per page - should be combined with one, or at most two, targeted search terms strategically placed within the text and near other on-page elements.

SEO Copywriters: Target High Page Ranking

Targeted search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is another tool available that can potentially impact where within the search engine results pages your content can be found. SEO Copywriting can halp you achieve top rankings - while no one ethically can guarantee the top result from a search, quality content tends to do well across different search engines.

To remain a market force in searching, it's in the interest of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others to keep their algorithm unpublished. It's also in Google's interest to ensure unique, quality content pages, so that the people who are using their system continue to find the content presented is important to them.

Quality search engine optimization copywriters aim to maintain rankings despite changes to search engine algorithms. Other methods referred to in the industry - Black Hat SEO - might produce high rankings initially. However, search engines are programmed to take these unethical practices into account; Google's recent changes have, for example, included devaluing links to a Web site from an article "content farming" site. Whether SEO content appears higher or lower in results depends on what changes have been made to the engine's criteria and how valuable the content appears to be.

SEO Copywriters: Targeting Process

There are several approaches and considerations professional SEO copywriters take to a particular type of content:

Competitive Search Terms

For search terms that are not particularly competitive, it may be possible to gain top rankings. The idea is to identify a balance: a relatively popular search term that is more niche in nature, that can deliver needed traffic and potential business, but that is not overly limited. For medium to highly competitive search terms, other, more vigorous, methods are needed. An appropriate search term is one which has a number of relevant searches performed but for which there is less competition, fewer search results presented.

Suitable Sites

With Web sites where the on-page content is limited, professional SEO copywriters can write content to increase the number of words, within which would be worked in a targeted keyword or key phrase. We consider the balance of content and what we want to accomplish with the page - what would be the user interface? How would adding text alter the focus of the content or the call-to-action - what we want to occur when users are using the site?

Writing Service Fee and Targeted Search Terms

SEO copywriting takes time, for professional SEO copywriters to create effective content. To write each page correctly, the content created should target only one or two search terms; this means a number of pages will need to be developed to target all required search terms. Consider the long-term; the content you add to your site today should be a permanent addition - not a short-term solution. Over time, you'll need to update site content so that it appears fresh; you'll need to monitor your page's ranking for that term, to evaluate whether you want to make changes to pages that are already pulling well within page rankings.

Changes Over Time

What you optimize for today, the SEO copywriting tactics you employ are relevant. You might achieve high page ranking for a targeted search term - but when competitors optimize a page from their Web sites for the same search term, your successful page will being to slip. You'll need to consider whether the search term needs to be changed or what other approach to SEO you're using needs to be changed.

SEO Copywriters: Selecting Methods

SEO Copywriting works effectively when:

There number of search terms to target is limited.

Competition for the search terms falls in the low to middle end of competitiveness.

Investment in affordable professional SEO copywriting services isn't a deterrent. (Can you afford missed opportunities?

Search engine friendly techniques are always the first step, balanced with targeted search engine optimization copywriting for the search terms.

When searchers arrive at your site as a result of professional SEO copywriters targeting keywords, consumers are looking for a product or service - and there's a good chance they're looking to buy. If they're researching for information and you provide it, you can convert drive-by traffic into customers with the right content.

It's about more than caring about search traffic: it's about targeted search traffic. Hire our professional SEO copywriter service to optimize your business potential. How many more potential sales can you afford to lose to others who are targeting your keywords?

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