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Get Direct Delivery : Send your press release via the highest regarded and respected PR newswire service. All media targeting services - from writing, to video, podcast and photo - are provided in-house by the ONLY BUSINESS WIRE TO OFFER THESE SERVICES COMPLETELY IN-HOUSE. ARCHIVE YOUR PRESS RELEASE INDEFINITELY - NOT JUST 7 OR 30 DAYS- and benefit from the long-term long tail impact of your news release when the public is searching online, with no hidden costs.


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When you submit your press releases through Eworldwire, you're getting the highest quality true press release news wire distribution service at the most affordable pricepoint available.

Submitting press releases through our proprietary system incorporates the most advanced features available. With fine targeting, our system ensures the widest distribution to the most applicable relevant news sources and contemporary online properties possible. We are not a Web posting company (you hope someone stumbles across your release); nor are we an e-mail blaster (you hope the people getting your news releases are interested).

The process of submitting press releases has not changed in the last decade with us - what has changed is the landscape. People get their news from a greater number of sources than ever before; because the volume of information available has increased, the time people spend reviewing news releases has decreased. Journalists simply look to find what they need, as much or as little as they need, as quickly as possible.

Do you think that they read the entire headline? The truth is they read the first few words to ensure what they're reading is relevant.

Do you think they read the summary you've so painstakingly sweated over? Chances are - not in its entirety.

What's important is that they got it and started to read it - and that only happens when press releases submitted are relevant. Within seconds, people decide whether the content is of interest - or not.

Although you might like to think you've submitted press releases written in a way that maximizes your chances of attracting attention, we can say with complete confidence that comes from decades of handling thousands of releases that unless you write press releases as your job (and even then), there's ample room for achieving greater targeting and results. Writing press releases that are designed specifically to be found by search engines and also be ranked highly in the search results is not an exact science.

Submitting Press Releases: Targeting

In addition to traditional media outlets, submitted press releases are presented to major online search engine news portals and Web sites, and delivered to major news systems, to news syndicators with reach to investor services and news aggregators which present or redistribute news, and direct to newsrooms.

All news releases are presented in a fully featured multimedia Online NewsRoom® which works to inform and engage audiences, including reporters, analysts, investors and consumers. As a trusted news source, press releases submitted through our services fulfill mandatory regulatory disclosure.

Writing Press Releases

Beyond simply pushing a button to submit your release to news sources or catching typographical errors, the experts on our team of press release writers are seasoned professionals with deep experience writing search engine optimized press releases.

You'll find more than blog posts or podcasts and webinars to help you - our skilled writers are available to speak on the phone at your convenience, to review your prepared press releases, and to discuss the most appropriate distributions options to consider for your press release.

Submitting Press Releases Through Eworldwire

Submit your press release through our secure order entry system, step-by-step. You choose the options you want; you enhance your press release by adding photos or videos - or hire our professionals to affordably create powerful relevant multimedia.

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