PHOTO: Dr Dave Jenkins Reports Patients Improving on Alzheimer's Reversal Program Designed by UCLA Neuroscientist Professor Dale Bredesen

Australians and Kiwis Improving on the Program

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SYDNEY, Australia/EWORLDWIRE/March 24, 2017 ---

Dr. Dave Jenkins and nutritionist Miki Okuno are the first professionals in Australia and New Zealand to be trained by UCLA Professor Dale Bredesen in his Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment reversal program. The Bredesen Protocol, developed by Bredesen, has shown reversal in early trials in 90 percent of cases of cognitive decline.

Bredesen, a doctor and UCLA neuroscientist with a 30-year distinguished research career, has published more than 200 papers. He describes Alzheimer's as three different reversible diseases ( "We are entering the era of treatable Alzheimer's," said Bredesen.

Bredesen's research has shown the protocol to be most effective with people early in the dementia process and on a 12-month lifestyle program which gives enough time to modify habits, to provide adequate support, and to update the program as progress is made and biomarkers change.

Jenkins, who graduated from Otago Medical School and practiced in New Zealand before founding the award-winning humanitarian organization, SurfAid, points out that the protocols identify all the sub-optimal metabolic parameters such as low Vitamin D and B-12 ( He customizes a plan to optimize them. "We use a 'functional medicine' approach, leveraging the latest technology in genetic and laboratory testing in conjunction with lifestyle behaviors and supplements recommended for memory loss - ones which modern research has identified as effective."

Jenkins describes the Protocol as "potentially one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern medicine." Medicine has not previously explored this combination of components - diet, fasting, exercise, meditation, supplements. "No one has put them together like Professor Bredesen. The medical community has known for many years that the cause of Alzheimer's must be multi-factorial. Can medicine have been so blinded by the success of drugs in acute medicine that researchers would believe drugs would be all we need to cure chronic conditions such as Alzheimer's?"

Jenkins and Okuno have been treating people in a shared care relationship with family doctors. They are in discussions with scientists in Australia about joining a large multi-site trial of the protocol in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. and Lanchester University in England, and are able to provide service to all parts of Australia.

"We are on our way to proving that Bredesen's unprecedented results can be replicated outside his influence and in larger numbers," stated Jenkins. "No one is claiming this is a cure. However, we and other doctors trained by [Professor Bredesen] are also seeing very positive results to date. We believe it represents [this is the] best therapeutic program for people with cognitive decline and early Alzheimer's. The first reversal cases have been on the program for four-and-a-half years and are doing well."

"The first patients in Australia and New Zealand are experiencing better cognition, improved energy and quality of life," added Dr. Jenkins.

Until now, no other treatments or therapies have resulted in halting the progression of Alzheimer's-type dementia, or improving or reversing progression. This Alzheimer's disease therapy has delivered unprecedented results, with some who were diagnosed with Alzheimer's type dementia no longer fitting the criteria for a diagnosis of Alzheimer's after completing the program; they are effectively "undiagnosed" and, for those who are still of working age, able to return to work.

MEDIA: Information on Dr. Bredesen's relevant publications, and video and audio on how it works, is available, as are testimonials. To arrange for an interview with Dr. Dave Jenkins, email


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