Q. Can I request that press releases be sent via XML or RSS feed directly to my organization's newsroom?

Yes.  Aside from your own personal media account at Eworldwire, you can request a custom feed directs only relevant press releases to your organization, E-zine or to you personally. Eworldwire thoroughly screens releases first and ensures appropriate content and formatting - we never allow Spam or stock pumping releases to be sent from our service.  - our due diligence is second to none in the industry and frees you from receiving unnecessary email and solicitations and wasting your valuable time.  For more information email us.

Q. What do you have available in languages other than English?

Eworldwire has global reach in languages spanning the world. You may elect to receive daily custom news feed in Spanish, in text, video and podcast, along with French, German or other languages. For more information complete an inquiry form, or email us.

Q. What can I expect from Eworldwire?

A. With over 700 categories, Eworldwire strives to ensure every member of the media receives only qualified, relevant press releases targeted specifically to the areas of coverage a specific journalist writes or broadcasts about.

Q. I need help in locating sources and information for a story. Do you offer any?

Eworldwire™ offers a service to do just that! Contact us to explain what you are in need of and Eworldwire will forward the press releases or contacts to you, never disclosing your identity. You choose to make contact if you like. This service is FREE to all qualified media.   If you need assistance, please feel free to contact our Media Support Department at mediasupportATeworldwire.com.

Q. How can I contact Eworldwire staff with any questions that I may have?

World Internet Marketing, Inc.
151 Route 10
Succasunna, NJ 07876
(973) 252-6800
Fax (973) 252-0888 mediasupportATeworldwire.com

Q. What additional information is available from a press release sent by Eworldwire?

At the end of each release sent via Eworldwire, you will information as in the following example: SOURCE: EWORLDWIRE
CONTACT: John Doe, VP Corporate Communications, (555) 555-1212, jdoe@somecompany.com

URL: http://www.somecompany.com
PDF VERSION: http://www.EWORLDWIRE.com/pdf/somecompany.pdf
HTML VERSION: http://www.EWORLDWIRE.com/wr/041399/ somecompany.htm
ONLINE NEWSROOM: http://www.EWORLDWIRE.com/profile/ somecompany.htm

The above information gives you the name and contact for the sender of the release, the website address, the address of the HTML version of this release available for download and use and where to find a Photo, Video Clip, Audio Clip, Spreadsheet or Logo if available also downloadable and available for your use.  If there is profile information this means that there is a company profile with an archive of press releases for your use on the Eworldwire site.

Q. What if I need technical assistance, such as how to download and use a video clip or podcast available from the Eworldwire web site?

Eworldwire offers Technical Assistance for the Media in its use of products offered from the Eworldwire site.  By phone or email, at (973) 252-6800 or via email at mediasupport@EWORLDWIRE.com. Please ask for technical assistance when you call or write.

Q. What is the organization behind Eworldwire?

Since 1996, Eworldwire has been a service of World Internet Marketing, Inc., a Internet marketing, public relations and development company specializing in helping SME's grow their businesses.

Q. Will my contact information or email address be sold to anyone?

A. Eworldwire™ respects the privacy and confidentiality of the media and does not share this information with anyone outside of our organization nor does it share it with any of its clients.