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Ghostwriting Studio / Publishing House, The Empty Canoe, Gets International Recognition

The centuries-old art of ghostwriting has gained mainstream acceptance.

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OAK HARBOR, Wash./EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 8, 2004 --- The Empty Canoe is the one of the premier ghostwriting studio / publishing house hybrids in the world. Though it was once considered the black sheep of the publishing world, ghostwriting has gained a modern and worldwide acceptance. With 44 books in the pipeline and 10 planned releases available through retailers by the end of the year, The Empty Canoe has successfully bridged the gap between the elite essence of literature and the promise of the American dream.

Clients of The Empty Canoe have captured the attention of a national audience, and in some cases, the international collective consciousness. Some of the studio's current nationally recognized clients include:

-- Patrick Singh, father of Charlene Singh who was the only US resident to contract the human form of mad cow disease.

-- Walter Fernandez, one of the premier bounty hunters in the United States.

-- R Larry Edinger, who recently was a part of the tangled web of fraud, lies, and murder that took the life of Daniel Herbert.

-- Michelle Conley, daughter of the real-life urban legend, Tent Girl.

-- Ron St. John, a 15-year-old student who has woven an intricate tale of history and theology.

-- Teri Kai Holtzclaw, Ph.D., who serves as Associate Vice President of Behavioral and Psychotherapeutic Services at the premier Bariatric Surgery Consulting and management services provider in the U.S.

The Empty Canoe's growth has been attributed to the fact that primarily, it is a publishing house. By offering the service of ghostwriting, the company is able to get a quality of both idea and client which otherwise would be missed. For centuries the art of ghostwriting, writing eloquently on another's behalf, has been used. Until recently though, only the rich or famous have been able to afford such a service. The Empty Canoe has implemented a business plan that enables a lower initial ghostwriting fee in exchange for the right to publish. The studio gets into the proverbial storm of publishing with its clients.

It is the American dream to be able to walk into a store and see one's own work published and for sale. The Empty Canoe helps to make that dream come true. At a fraction of cost of other studios, The Empty Canoe ghostwrites, edits, publishes and markets books worldwide.

More information about The Empty Canoe is available on the web at www.emptycanoe.com.

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Michael Canu
Empty Canoe
4403 Krieg Lane
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
PHONE. (360)679-6750
FAX. (360)246-9085
EMAIL: mike@emptycanoe.com

KEYWORDS: empty, canoe, publishing, publisher, ghostwriting

SOURCE: Empty Canoe


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