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Aruba: A Government Of Racism And Human Rights Violation

For Immediate Release

ARUBA/EWORLDWIRE/May 27, 2005 --- Local activists are not only gearing up for the upcoming September elections in Aruba, but one group in particular has stepped up its attacks on the MEP government, accusing the government of being in serious violation of international human rights laws and violating the basic human rights of its own citizenry.

Attorney Roland A. Smith and renowned black activist and survivor of the Aruba prison abuse scandal, Mr. Alex Mathew, have joined forces in opposing the MEP government. Mathew vehemently has maintained his innocence prior to and during his incarceration at the KIA correctional facility from 2001 to 2004. Many pundits argue that it is Mathew who initially indirectly uncovered and exposed the corrupt and atrocious racist practices of the MEP Government when a group of disinterested international activists learned of the abuse perpetrated onto Mathew by government officials and decided to take matters into their own hands with their own investigation. The group also addressed other clear cases of abuse towards black inmates.

"It is time for the global community to know and appreciate the large scale racial abuse that the MEP has, for the most part, always condoned. We will continue to expose the corrupt practices of the MEP and we will not stop. The United Nations will hear our voices and so will the international tourists who are the bread and butter of the Arubian economy," said Mathew.

Mathew, a native of Aruba served a sentence at the KIA correctional facility in Aruba from 2001 to 2004 after, what may call was the wrongful conviction of an innocent black man. To many, the crime was simply the color of Mathews skin together with his high level of intellect and the fact that he was, at the time, a young entrepreneur who was headed for tremendous success. Mathew's case is currently being heard before the European Court of Human Rights.

Luis A. Maxwell, a businessman from New York who monitored the incarceration and abuse of Mathew, described Mathew's detention "as an international racial injustice, an injustice that Martin Luther King would never have tolerated. Mathew was and is incredibly intelligent, he was on the brink of great success at the time he was wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. I truly believe that if Mathew was Caucasian, we would not even be talking about him."

Mathew further stated that, in the coming months, "we plan on meeting with the United States Congressional Black Caucus, and we intend to have their support both nationally and internationally. The MEP needs to understand that there are not only other people, but other governments deeply concerned about potential racial and human rights violations in Aruba."

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, a division of the United States Department of State, recently called the prison system in Aruba "substandard." Mathew and many others plan on addressing their concerns not only in the upcoming elections in Aruba but also to the United States and the United Nations.

Mathew is also spearheading efforts to enforce air quality standards in Aruba. San Nicolas is home to the oil refinery which has polluted the Aruban environment. "Many people, including small children are suffering from health problems related of the poor air quality which is believed to stem directly from the refinery," said Mathew.

The population of San Nicolas is predominantly black and Mathew is not afraid to point fingers at the government, accusing it of intentionally assisting in the placement of the refinery in an area made up of mostly low black citizens. Mathew also urges the public to visit the website www.savesannicolas.com for updates.

Mathew concluded by saying, "We will fight tooth and nail to see that every citizen of Aruba, whether black or white, is treated equally and with absolute respect - no matter the color of their skin."

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Edwardo Mathew
Providence, RI
PHONE. 4018645592

KEYWORDS: Aruba, Racism, Humanrights

SOURCE: Massimo


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