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Star Search Casting, LLC.

Company Information :
Star Search Casting, LLC.
5153 Hwy 554
Loris, SC 29569
Ph. 206-984-4331

Media Contacts:
Jonathan Parker - Founder

Star Search Casting Provides Valuable Information to Protect the Public from Online Casting Scams

In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of online casting and entertainment sites springing up all over the Internet. While some of these are legitimate sites, many are just "wannabe" sites.

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VENTURA, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 6, 2007 --- In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of online casting and entertainment sites springing up all over the Internet. While some of these are legitimate sites, many are just "wannabe" sites that don’t begin to provide the services people need to start or further their career in acting, modeling, singing, dancing or entertainment of any kind. Worse yet, many sites are just scams that will take money and provide absolutely no value in return.

Star Search Casting has discovered sites that claim to have talent search engines - which is what casting directors and agents use to find the talent they're looking for - and found these so-called search engines don't actually work. Many sites claim to have a lot of members, but when an actual search is performed, very few people are actually found. Worst of all, many sites have a serious track record of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

To tell the difference between a legitimate casting site that will provide real value, a good place to start is by asking a few important questions before joining any online casting site.

Visit 'http://www.starsearchcasting.com/html/before_you_join.php' to discover the key questions which should be asked before joining an online talent and casting site.

StarSearchCasting is one of the first, best-known and trusted online casting services in the world and is recognized as the leader in the online casting industry. With over 223,000 members and millions of visitors each month, SSC has become the number one place casting directors, agents and entertainment industry professionals now go to find models, actors, dancers, singers, new talent and up-and-coming stars for their productions, including movies, TV shows and commercials, stage productions, short films, and print and runway modeling.

For more information, visit Star Search Casting at 'http://www.StarSearchCasting.com.'

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Jonathan Parker
Star Search Casting, Inc.
4360 E. Main St. #306
Ventura, CA 93003
PHONE. 206-984-4408
EMAIL: jon@starsearchcasting.com

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SOURCE: Star Search Casting, Inc.


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