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Corsense Institute

Company Information :
Corsense Institute
PO Box 8
Arrington, Tennessee 37014

Ph. 615-368-3152

Media Contacts:
Elaine McLellan


New Book Published By Corsense Institute Offers Scientific Look At Jesus' Teachings

For Immediate Release

ARRINGTON, Tenn./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 14, 2005 --- A new study of Jesus' prime subject, love, is now available: The Technology of Love by Charles E. Hansen. This book, the first of two volumes, is expected to send shock-waves throughout the religious and secular communities.

Hansen, who began his study of love as a doctoral student at George Washington University in the 1970s, translates Jesus' teachings into the first formal working definition of love applicable to the entirety of daily living and buttresses it with a breakthrough argument: Love is a far more scientific phenomenon of the universe than traditionally recognized, and Jesus was well ahead of current scholars in defining love as such.

Hansen's scientific approach demolishes a vast portion of modern scholarship that holds Jesus' teachings as contextual to the first century, partially contaminated by insertions of others, and/or largely irrelevant to the current era.

The author also offers remarkably penetrating interpretations of David Hume, Adam Smith, Charles S. Peirce (the founder of pragmatism), Sigmund Freud, Pitirim Sorokin and John Rawls to make the case that the ingredients that ultimately form the experience of love are the same fundamental ingredients of constructive social-economic interaction in general. Thus, love is not a cultural creation nor separable from a common humanity and social constructions, beginning with the family. Hansen further demonstrates that love has scientific foundations in both physics and biology that will shock even the staunchest of sociobiologists - while at the same time showing clearly that the Love-fundamentals of Jesus, and of other religions, are of the same genre.

Included is a bold scientific sifting of Jesus' teachings yet presented with a conclusion that science and religion are not as separate as most modern and post-modern thinkers have held. Yet this is not a religious book in the sense that Jesus is not granted authority. The argument is strictly scientific, including stunning mathematical proof that, it seems, Jesus foresaw.

Finally, Hansen offers the first scientific based definition of justice as a derivative of love much as Jesus implied. Thus the question "What is Justice?" that resides at the foundation of western civilization Hansen shows to have been in error. Plato's question should have been "What is Love?" For it is only after defining love that justice can be fully understood.

The Technology of Love Vol. I is available at www.corsense.org

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Elaine McLellan
Arrington,Tennessee 37014
615-368-3152 615-368-3152

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SOURCE: Corsense Institute


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