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Tamzina Films

Company Information :
Tamzina Films
3016 Filbert St. #7
Oakland, California 94608

Ph. 310-801-8697

Media Contacts:
Kevin Morrison


The Accidental Activist Premieres At 16th Vermont International Film Festival

For Immediate Release

OAKLAND, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 30, 2005 --- The film festival premiere of The Accidental Activist, an adaptation of the critically-acclaimed New York anti-war play, will be Sunday, October 16, in Burlington, Vermont. Written and performed by Kathryn Blume, The Accidental Activist is a comedy based on her experience founding The Lysistrata Project. Directed by Telly-award-winner Kevin Morrison, the film is the closing presentation of VIFF's "War & Peace" program.

"Kathryn is an amazingly gifted actress with a great sense of comic timing," Morrison said. "She takes us on a journey through serious territory- war, free speech, political dissent-and makes the trip hilarious."

According to award-winning filmmaker Tamsin Orion, founder of Tamzina Films and executive producer of The Accidental Activist, "The film is about activism - getting involved with things that matter. But it's also about having a good time while doing it."

The Accidental Activist begins with Blume's personal experience in 2002. Her despair about America's direction launched an inspirational and accidental journey onto a global stage, where she led an anti-war event called The Lysistrata Project. It was the single largest protest in theatrical history, covering all 50 states and more than 60 countries worldwide.

Blume's stage performance recieved critical acclaim, including a review in Political Affairs Magazine which called it "enlightening, great entertainment, and, above all, a good reason to start listening to Kathryn Blume."

The 63-minute unrated film features camerawork by Sigma Delta Chi award-winner Robin Mortarotti, who also served as consulting producer, and lighting by Carson Duper, the veteran stage director at Scottish Rite Auditorium in San Francisco. Edited at Tamzina Films in Oakland, the film was shot on location at The Julia Morgan Theatre in Berkeley, Calf.

The Vermont International Film festival is the oldest Human Rights and Environmental film festival in the world. VIFF provides a forum for films dealing with issues of war and peace, justice, human rights and the environment. In a cultural context of domination by industrial commercial filmmaking, VIFF plays a vital role by bringing non-commercial forms of cinematic expression to the public's attention.

The 16th edition of the festival will be held October 13-16, 2005. Over 60 films from around the world will be featured. The screenings will be accompanied by panels, moderated discussions, photo exhibitions, retrospectives, and other events.

For information about Kathryn Blume and the touring version of the stage show, contact Blume at 802-233-5856, via email at kablume@gmavt.net, or visit www.theaccidentalactivist.com.

For information about Tamsin Orion, contact her at 415-200-9458 or via email at tamsin@tamzina.com.

Material in the movie The Accidental Activist is copyright (c)2005, Tamzina Films and Mighty Ruckus. Material in the stage play "The Accidental Activist" is copyright (c)2003, Kathryn Blume.

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Kevin Morrison
Oakland,California 94608
510-658-1713 310-801-8697

KEYWORDS: Kathryn Blume, Kevin Morrison, Tamsin Orion, Accidental, Activist, Anti-War, Activism, Lysistrata, Vermont, film, festival

SOURCE: Tamzina Films


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