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International Creative Artists

Company Information :
International Creative Artists
2646 Dupont Drive
Irvine, California 92663

Ph. 949-250---9888

Media Contacts:
Helene Goldnadel


The Many, The Rejected, The Actors By Helene Goldnadel Of International Creative Artists

For Immediate Release

IRVINE,Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 12, 2005 --- Helene Goldnadel's graduates have booked jobs in the film/TV industry within the past month and a half such as:

- Connor G.: Two national Kodak commercials and a print job.
- Wyatt Y.: A co-star appearance on Judging Amy.
- Patrick D.R.: A promo with Comedy Central's Reno 911.
- Magdalena Zielinska: A guest star appearance with Two and a Half Men and a guest star appearance on Reno 911.
- Elijah T.: A Baby Einstein commercial.
- Jolene C.: A Wachovia national commercial.
- Jackie H.: A Disney national commercial.

Helene Goldnadel has given numerous seminars and presentations on the subject of the auditioning process and the business of acting.

Her new involvement is to have the information accessible on the net by anybody who ever had interest in acting.

If you are not totally committed to the expressive art, Helene Goldnadel strongly recommends that you would not even bother reading further. A child actor only exists because of committed parents or one committed parent who will take the child to auditions, be reliable and will be able to work in harmony with the child's agent.

"It is a totally incredible feeling when a child who came in a few months ago, would not speak a lot, would not look at us or the camera, would almost hide behind mom and dad at the time becomes a powerful, expressive individual," said Goldnadel.

"This whole process that children go through within our programs allows them to learn how not to be afraid of anything," said Goldnadel.

"I love it when I do presentations at our school" says Goldnadel. "Children come up to me, grab my microphone and start announcing their latest achievements in front of eighty people."

"Take Patrick D.R. for instance. He is with one of the top talent agencies in LA. Every Saturday we have between one and three top talent agents that come in to audition our graduates as per our placement program. Patrick comes up, grabs the mike, steps forward in front of the audience and lets people know what his recent jobs are. He just booked an independent film by the way, and he also recently worked on a Rheno 911 promo," said Goldnadel.

"Acting in television commercials, acting jobs for kids, acting lessons, you don't know where to start do you?" says Goldnadel. "Here you are, on your day off, trying to figure out what you're gonna do to get your little child actor out in the world! Acting schools in Los Angeles and child actor schools will promise you a lot in exchange for that tuition money which you should only part with when it comes to a vocational school, licensed in the State of California, such as International Creative Artists."

People had a lot of questions, here are some of them:

Question: "Helene Goldnadel, as the owner of International Creative Artists, you were a SAG and AFTRA agent in New York, you are now a producer and the owner of International Creative Artists. My first question would be: Helene, what can you tell us about your school?"

Goldnadel: "Oh, okay then so I'll continue plugging away. (Laughs) International Creative Artists' placement program is outstanding. We have Hollywood agents, they're all Screen Actor's Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists franchised talent agents and they come in on a weekly basis to audition our graduates."

Question: "I understand that you know the acting industry and have worked within all the different aspects of it. You were an agent in New York for quite a few years and were franchised by SAG and AFTRA. You are now in the development part of the business, since you own the prestigious acting school. So you went from being an agent to being a school owner and you also produce?"

Goldnadel: "Yes indeed I do. We recently did a pilot and I will start working on a full length feature film beginning of next year. It's an independent type of film. What's great is that the casting is made easy by the incredible resource that International Creative Artists is as far as the best trained actors one can get."

Question: "Aside from being a trained actor, what do you think is important for an actor to do to prepare when an audition was scheduled by their agent?"

Goldnadel: "Having an agent, (representation), is a necessity. Going out to auditions is the only way you can obtain work when you are not a big star! In order to book the jobs, you don't only need outstanding training, as we offer at International Creative Artists, you have to look at each and every audition as a brand new venture each and every time and your work has to be very thorough.
So you do research! You don't only memorize the part. You figure out who that character is. You hang around places they would go to, meet people they would see on every day basis. As an example, if you're gonna be an attorney, go sit in court! Take on the job they do and work there for a week or two if it demands less skills. Find out what makes your character tick. Is there anything they love to do? Hate to do? Do they have any special skills which are part of the story line and are used in ACT II that the actor needs to master? It's all about working towards it in any and all possible way, shape or form. Then go to your coach, one of our teachers or myself here, and run the lines, run the lines oh, and also run the lines. Hard work and commitment are the only things that pay off. Meanwhile my friends, live long, work hard, have fun, and prosper."

Congratulations to all our graduates and especially Magdalena Zielinska for her continuous success.

Have fun, work hard, and believe in your vision.

Helene Goldnadel
949-250 9888
Press Contact: Helene Goldnadel
Email: e-mail protected from spam bots
Website: www.internationalcreativeartists.com

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Helene Goldnadel
Irvine,California 92663
310-346-9119 949-250---9888

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SOURCE: International Creative Artists


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