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Hippo Works

Company Information :
Hippo Works
520 Altair Pl.
Venice, CA 90291
Ph. 310 5811665

Media Contacts:
Denis Thomopoulos

Hippo Works: Simon Says Stop Global Warming

Simon the Hippo teaches kids about Global Warming and how to help stop it.

For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES/EWORLDWIRE/April 21, 2006 --- Simon the Hippo and the animal gang from Hippoworks.com star in a new ‘edutainment’ program to teach kids about global warming and the actions they can take to help stop it. The program educates through a music video, cartoonlets, a house tour, a memory game, coloring pages, a lesson plan for teachers and other printable materials. It also features a carbon calculator to figure a ‘global footprint’ and promotes activism with Hippoworks’s non-profit partners, Stopglobalwarming.org and the Conservation Fund.

Simon Says "Stop Global Warming!" airs on AOL’s Kids Channel this Saturday, April 22, in addition to Bonus.com (the SuperSite for Kids), Kiwibox.com (the teen site) and at Hippoworks.com.

To help kids learn about what may be the most important issue of their future, link to www.hippoworks.com

About Hippo Works

Hippo Works is a leading environmental 'edutainment' company with the weekly cartoonlet "It’s A Jungle Out There!" by Denis Thomopoulos as its signature program.

Clients and partners include AOL, ConEdison, EarthDayNY, The Lightspan Network, Kiwibox.com, Kidsregen.org, Bonus.com (the SuperSite for Kids), Whole Foods, SWAPE (Soil Water Air Protection Enterprise), Stopglobalwarming.org, Wildsalmon.org and Care2.com.

Hippoworks clothing is produced with organic cotton, paper products with kenaf/recycled papers, and the company Web store is managed by Wildlife Works, with proceeds benefiting its 80,000 acre animal sanctuary in Africa.

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Denis Thomopoulos
Hippo Works
520 Altair Pl.
Venice, CA 90291
PHONE. 310 5811665
EMAIL: denis@hippoworks.com

KEYWORDS: cartoons, environment, education, kids, family, Global Warming, Earth Day, teachers, children, activism, health, sustainability, LOHAS, Eco-friendly, gaia, lifestyle

SOURCE: Hippo Works


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