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Crawford Peace House

Company Information :
Crawford Peace House
9142 E. Fifth St.
Crawford, TX 76638-3037
Ph. 972-579-7174
Fx. 972-579-7174

Media Contacts:
Hadi Jawad
Crawford Peace House
9142 E 5th St
Crawford, TX 76638
PHONE. 254-486-0099

DFW Amnesty International Members And Crawford Peace House Join Shut Down Guantanomo Vigil On January 11, 2007

Noon gathering at Earl Cabell Federal Building to denounce torture and mark fifth anniversary of Guantanamo Bay.

For Immediate Release

CRAWFORD, Texas/EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 10, 2007 --- The Dallas-Ft. Worth Amnesty International members will join others including the Dallas Peace Center, the Crawford Peace House and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee in hosting a vigil at the Earl Cabell Federal Building, 1100 Commerce on Thursday, January 11, to mark the fifth anniversary of the first arrival of detainees at the U.S.-controlled detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Guantanamo has held more than 700 men captured in the U.S.-led war on terror, and to date, only ten have been charged with a crime - perpetuating a regime of indefinite detention, in clear violation of international law.

"The practices in the war on terror pioneered at Guantanamo Bay have corroded America's moral standing, and Guantanamo has come to symbolize the Administration's human rights violations in the war on terror as a whole," said Chip Pitts, president of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee ('http://www.bordc.org') and former chair of Amnesty International USA. "In the process of restoring the America we believe in, closing Guantanamo is a critical step."

WHAT: 'Shut Down Guantanomo'

WHEN: Thursday, January 11, 12:00 p.m. (Noon)

WHERE: Earl Cabell Federal Building, 1100 Commerce, Dallas

Contact: Chip Pitts (214 906 9424) or Rick Halperin (214 768 3284)

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Hadi Jawad
Crawford Peace House
9142 E 5th St
Crawford, TX 76638
PHONE. 254-486-0099

KEYWORDS: Peace, Muslim, Democratic Party, Guantanomo, Torture, Denounce, AI, Protest, Cruel and Inhumane

SOURCE: Crawford Peace House


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