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National Coalition For Men

Company Information :
National Coalition For Men
932 C Street, Ste. B
San Diego, CA 92101
Ph. (888) 223-1280, ext. 100
(888) 223-1280, ext 103

Media Contacts:
Harry Crouch
(888) 223-1280, ext. 100

NCFM Opposes Harvard Economist's Sexist Man Tax

For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES/EWORLDWIRE/May 16, 2007 --- The National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM), the oldest and largest men’s rights organization in the United States, vehemently opposes Harvard Professor Alberto Alesina’s recently-proposed man tax.(1)

"A man tax is as wrong as a Jew tax," says NCFM's Marc Angelucci. "They both violate the fundamental Constitutional right to equal protection by unfairly targeting a birth group for discriminatory treatment.

"Even aside from equal protection, there is no justification for a man tax."

Says Angelucci, men already pay more taxes than women, work more overtime, drive longer commutes, die younger and make 92 percent (2) of occupational deaths in order to provide for their families as they're expected to do. "Men collect Alesina's garbage, clean his sewers and fix his streets so he can go to his ivory tower job and propose taxing men more."

Alesina attempts to justify his "man tax" by citing the "pay gap," a mythical half-truth(3) that does not reflect male privilege but the female privilege of having more options than men. In his book, "Why Men Earn More," bestselling author Warren Farrell, Ph.D. demonstrates that:

. At least 25 work-life choices lead to men earning more and women living more balanced lives

. Women in surveys prioritized flexibility, fewer hours and shorter drives; men prioritized money

. Never-married, childless women earn 17 percent more than their male counterparts

. Women outearn men in at least 39 occupations, including science fields like aerospace engineering

In what the New York Times called the "opt-out revolution," women are retaining and exercising their option to be primary parents and even seeking primary breadwinner men who allow them that choice.

"Alesina's man tax is a hypocritical double-standard that promotes sexism, misandry and gender politics."

1. Alesina's proposal to tax males higher: 'http://www2.dse.unibo.it/ichino/taxgen12.pdf'
2. Men make 92 percent of occupational deaths: 'http://www.bls.gov/news.release/cfoi.t04.htm'
3. Prof. June O'Neill, Ph.D., former director of Congressional Budget Office, refutes the significance of the "pay gap" in "The Gender Gap in Wages, circa 2000" (5/03), American Economic Review

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Marc Angelucci
National Coalition of Free Men
P.O. Box 41291
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(818) 907-9383
E-MAIL: marcangelucci@hotmail.com

KEYWORDS: National Coalition of Free Men, men's rights

SOURCE: National Coalition of Free Men


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