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Company Information :
Tandem Server
2413 MAIN CT. S
RENTON, WA 98055
Ph. 253.202.7933

Web Site Management Made Easy with Tandem Server: Build and Publish Web Sites in Minutes

For Immediate Release

RENTON, Wash./EWORLDWIRE/July 31, 2007 --- Featuring an elegant yet simple solution for managing Web sites, Tandem Server's breakthrough free Web site publishing tool meets the age of "Publish and Go" technology head-on. Anyone with an Internet connection can build and update Web sites to meet the needs of today - and tomorrow, in just minutes. Tandem Server eliminates complicated workflows, databases and hassles - users just publish and go with the easiest Web site builder on the Internet.

The Tandem Server team stands by its mantra of, "If it's not intuitive and it's not efficient, it's not Tandem Server." No longer does one have to be a seasoned professional to build and manage Web sites. The simple straight-forward design of the publishing tool makes it extremely easy to use and understand by anyone.

With an arsenal of leading edge Web site management tools, Tandem Server is up to any task. Supporting any major browser, Tandem Server's publishing tool boasts the R.A.D Editor by Telerik.com, a powerful and proven Microsoft Word-like HTML editor used by many major companies. For those with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, Tandem Server provides the tools one needs to create XHTML-compliant design, page level Meta data, friendly URLs and Google sitemap support. To rollback changes or to go back and start from scratch, Tandem Server makes a back-up of the Web site content every time content is published, which can be restored at any time. Arguably the most powerful and useful tool in Tandem Server is its preview capability. Before any new content is published to a Web site it can be previewed to ensure it's exactly how it needs to be before publishing live on a site.

According to Tandem Server's Galen Gerling, the Tandem Server solution is ideal for Web design studios and hosting companies who want to extend their services. The ability to co-brand the publishing tool is an exciting feature that is sure to attract lots of attention.

"For hosting companies seeking a sophisticated yet simple Web site publishing tool for their customers, Tandem Server offers a great solution," says Gerling. "Tandem's initial corporate installation with Aquest Hosting ('http://www.Aquesthosting.com'), best known for being the preferred Web host for professional ASP.net developers, was a huge success. The speed with which Aquest Hosting evaluated and accepted Tandem Server was astounding - we anticipate Tandem Server becoming a household name with hosting companies."

The Tandem Server development team has many years of experience designing and building custom content management systems for large corporations. Tandem Server has taken that knowledge and built an intuitive publishing tool intended for the typical (non-tech) internet user. The feature list for Tandem Server is consumer-driven, meaning that the users decide what features are included in each new release. Users who need an elevated level of support can opt for Tandem Server's Gold Support for direct access to the development team for help.

Tandem Server's feature list:

. Completely free - Nothing to buy, ever.
. Built on ASP.NET and XML technologies
. No database requirements
. Dynamic page navigation
. Infinite number of content pages
. Powerful Microsoft word-like HTML content editor
. Flash Photo Galleries
. Article controls
. Skinning tool to easily change Web site colors and styles.
. Google Sitemaps
. Friendly/SEO URLs
. Backup/Restore
. XHTML-Compliant design
. Secure User Authentication

Those ready to create and surpass competitors' Web sites, or companies who want to extend their client services packages and become part of the Publish and Go era, can visit 'http://www.tandemserver.com' to get started today.

Take a test drive and visit the online demo site at 'http://www.tandemserver.net'.

Test Environment Publishing Tool: ('http://www.tandemserver.net/admin')
Login Name: admin
Password: admin

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Galen Gerling
Tandem Server
2413 MAIN CT. S
RENTON, WA 98055
PHONE. 253.202.7933
EMAIL: tssupport@tandemserver.com

KEYWORDS: TandemServer, technology, web site builder, content management system, CMS

SOURCE: TandemServer.com


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