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The Da Vinci Chalice Group Discovery Of The Lost Chalice Of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Lost Chalice of Da Vinci

For Immediate Release

MIAMI/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 23, 2007 --- The remarkable discovery of a rare artifact was announced today in Miami, Florida. Uncovered some years ago, this beautiful silver vessel, first thought to be no more than a strange hunk of coral rock, may have far-reaching significance. Submerged for 500 years in a 17th century shipwreck off the coast of Florida, a painstaking cleaning has finally revealed the vessel to be a silver cup, or "chalice," which may be yet another piece of
puzzle in the never-ending da Vinci saga, which includes many stories and much controversy about a "lost chalice."

According to the DaVinciChaliceGroup, which is presently working on it, the artistic signature and markings are consistent with that period and particularly da Vinci's work. The intention of the Group is to find an appropriate placement for this remarkable vessel, which may be viewed at 'http://www.TheDaVinciChalice.com'.

For further inquiries and feedback e-mail davincichalice@gmail.com or thedavincichalice@gmail.com.

For in-depth information and background, and other graphics*, visit 'http://www.thedavincichalice.com', or make contact by e-mail at edmundscollection@yahoo.com.

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KEYWORDS: The Lost Chalice of Da Vinci

SOURCE: DaVinciChaliceGroup


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