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EHG Technology, LLC

Company Information :
EHG Technology, LLC

United States
Ph. 1.213.383.4443 ext: 231

Media Contacts:
Roman Gordon
General Partner

Revolutionary Technology Gravitational Electrolysis Scientific Breakthrough In The World Of Hydrogen And Fuel Cell


Los Angeles, CA/December 11, 2001 --- EHG TECHNOLOGY, LLC is proud to introduce a revolutionary technology for hydrogen generation through gravitational electrolysis, a breakthrough in a $100-billion-per-year business.

The electro-hydrogen generator, a milestone in the quest for a clean, inexhaustible source of energy, promises to make a decisive contribution in transforming a world which is ever depleted of its energy resources and affected by the greenhouse gases.

Developed and patented recently by Directors of EHG Technology, LLC, through the joint efforts of scientists, engineers, manufactures and investors from North America and Russia, the generator renders conventional hydrogen generation methods virtually obsolete.

The traditional methods of hydrogen production such as electrolysis or steam reforming are relatively expensive due to the high cost of fossil fuels or electric power. For example, hydrogen generation by electrolysis amounts to approx. $2 per cubic meter.

The EHG is capable of absorbing low-grade heat energy due to a unique electrolysis process that occurs at low temperatures. This makes possible use of virtually free heat energy from the environment. Consequently, the cost of hydrogen produced by the EHG generator is $ 0.0038 per cubic meter, up to three times lower than the cost to produce and transport the same volume of natural gas.

With an efficiency of up to 98%, an EHG generator with an internal volume of 1 m3 is capable of producing up to 3.5 cubic meters of hydrogen and 2.2 MW of electric power per second. The capacity of the unit can be increased from several kilowatts to 1000 MW.

The central characteristic of the EHG is gravitational electrolysis, an original concept that has been developed to convert low-grade heat energy into chemical energy. The conversion occurs through the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen in an electrolytic solution which is subjected to a strong inertial field created by centrifugal forces.

The EHG generator is basically a cylindrical vessel filled with a specially prepared electrolyte solution rotated by a prime mover at very high speed. The centrifugal force generated within the vessel acts selectively upon positive and negative ions in the solution due to their different atomic weights. The ions are separated and migrate towards two electrodes that are gradually charged with opposite potentials. When the potential difference between the two electrodes is adequate, an electric current flows though the electrolyte which initiates a self-electrolysis process.

This unconventional electrolysis decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen with inevitable consumption of heat energy. Although water decomposition occurs in a similar fashion in traditional electrolysis, gravitational electrolysis occurs at lower temperatures.

Consequently, the device is capable of operating as a heat pump that extracts the necessary heat at normal ambient temperatures.

As a result, the EHG generator uses inexpensive low-grade heat energy from the environment instead of electrical energy.

The gravitational electrolysis described above has the following important features:

No mechanical work is done within the solution. The entire mechanical energy supplied to the EHG generator is consumed exclusively to overcome friction losses.

Secondary chemical reactions restore the initial composition of the solution to allow the process to continue indefinitely.

Heat consumption for water decomposition is compensated for by heat energy obtained from the environment, as a result of the generator operating as a heat pump.

The water decomposition process by the EHG is much more efficient than the natural decomposition of biomass that generates methane gas with potential chemical energy. When the rotational speed exceeds the threshold level, the generator is capable of developing a constant electrical current on an external load. Thus, the EHG operates both as an electrical generator and hydrogen generator.

The cost of hydrogen production is extremely low due to virtually free heat energy from sources readily available.

Considering these factors, gravitational electrolysis is significantly more efficient and cost effective than conventional hydrogen generation.

EHG Technology, LLC has secured exclusive worldwide rights to this invention and has tested successfully a prototype that proves the soundness of the theory. EHG Technology, LLC is now engaged in building an improved version to maximize its efficiency and resolve issues noted during the tests. Research and development efforts are at a stage that renders the device virtually a successful product.

After careful evaluation of EHG generator by various engineering companies including Colt Engineering, EHG Technology, LLC, has completed its first license sale to Genoil, Inc. (CDNX:GNO), a Canadian firm specializing in Crude oil upgrading technology.

This license is for $5.6 million USD for the first year of this multi-year contract.

Colt Engineering is an engineering contractor that specializes in multi-discipline design of hydrocarbon process facilities. Colt is the largest Canadian engineering contractor with over $2 billion of projects annually. Colt Engineering has over 2,000 staff in Canada and is the top ten privately-held companies in Canada. EHG has provided an opportunity for this company to review its technology. After the evaluation of the EHG generator, Colt Engineering has issued a very optimistic report complementing the technology, rendering the opinion that it is a revolutionary technology.

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Roman Gordon
General Partner
1-213-383-4443 ext: 231

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