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Company Information :
Thread-Craft Inc.
43643 Utica Rd.
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
Ph. 586-323-1116
Fx. 586.323.1910

Media Contacts:
Dennis Johnson – President
Thread-Craft, Inc. dennisj@threadcraft.com

Thread-Craft's Ball Screw Expertise on the Move from NASCAR to Mars, now Mexico

Even in a tough economy Thread-Craft Inc. continues to find ways grow its operations. An industry leader in ball screw technology, the company is led by Michigan entrepreneur Dennis Johnson whose management skills drive business improvement.

For Immediate Release

DETROIT/EWORLDWIRE/March 3, 2010 --- Thread-Craft Inc. today announced the company's March 2010 expansion into new operations in a 44,000 square-foot plant in Ramos, Mexico, in partnership with DGI One World.

With a reputation for staying ahead Thread-Craft is a second generation family-owned business headquartered in Sterling Heights, Mich., and was one of the first in the world to specialize in ball screw technology. Founded in 1958, Thread-Craft has done work for industry leading customers such as NASCAR with steering work, NASA with custom ball screws for the Mars Lander, as well as critical components for Raytheon's Patriot Missile System.

Well known in North America for superior quality work in lead screw, worm gear as well as in ball screw manufacturing and repair, Thread-Craft is enhancing its capabilities in all areas with its new Mexican expansion. In a partnership with DGI One World, the company will soon offer its services to Tier One and Two customers located in Mexico, who currently lose time and money by shipping to distant operations.

"We appreciate the need for a global presence to win in today's competitive marketplace," said owner and President Dennis Johnson. "This is an exciting win-win move for all of us. The staff and management teams we recruit in Mexico will benefit from acquiring valuable new skills and incomes. We will diversify and expand into a quickly growing market, and our customers will get ball screws, lead screws and worm gears better and faster by doing it right - right from the start, right in Ramos."

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Thread-Craft Mexico," said DGI One World CEO Terry Huhtala. "The company's reputation for quality together with our global customer base will open up new opportunities for everyone."

For over 50 years, Thread-Craft has been a world leading innovator in ball screw, worm gear and lead screw engineering, manufacturing and repair. Based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the company is family owned and boasts a customer list including NASA, NASCAR and Raytheon, as well as many OEMs, Tier One and Tier Two automotive vendors.

DGI One World enables and expands global manufacturing, sales and marketing for a select group of production machining and mold partners. With operations in Canada, the USA and Mexico, the company creates new synergies and shared opportunities by applying proven management, finance, operations and marketing systems.

For more information, please contact:

Dennis Johnson – President, Thread-Craft, Inc.
Email: media@threadcraft.com
Tel: 586-323-1116

Terry Huhtala – CEO, DGI One World
Email: media@dgioneworld.com
Tel: 519-818-1056

Learn more about the companies at Thread-Craft.com ('http://www.thread-Craft.com') and DGIOneWorld.com ('http://www.dgioneworld.com').

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Dennis Johnson
Thread-Craft, Inc.
PHONE. 586-323-1116
EMAIL: media@threadcraft.com

Terry Huhtala
DGI One World
Windsor, Ontario
PHONE. 519-818-1056
EMAIL: thuhtala@dgioneworld.com

Jason Principe
Sustained Media
Windsor, Ontario
PHONE. 519-903-0663
EMAIL: jason@sustained-media.com

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SOURCE: Thread-Craft, Inc.


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