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Prison Coach Inc.

Company Information :
Prison Coach Inc.
320 East 74th St
New York, NY 10021
Ph. 888-283-1705

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Steve Oberfest

With Lindsay Lohan Out, Paris Hilton Takes Her Turn in Batter's Box, Affirm Prison Coach Experts John Fuller and Steve Oberfest

With a history of drug abuse and deviant behavior to gratify their every need, the question remains: How long before Paris Hilton follows Lindsay Lohan to the slammer and rehab?

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/July 8, 2010 --- "The bottom line is that Paris dodged yet another bullet, but her time is ticking. She can ask her pal Lindsay Lohan if she doesn't believe it's so," commented John Fuller, vice president of Prison Coach ('http://www.prisoncoach.com/').

"Wealth and high-powered attorneys manipulate justice for the sweetest deal, so learning a lesson and abiding by the law are ignored. Wealth can buy freedom and alibis, but cold cash won't teach you a lesson in crime and punishment," stated Fuller.

"The footsteps of these celebrities are so similar. After all, didn't Paris end up self-surrendering to the suburban jail in Lynwood, Calif.? Paris' crimes will escalate, and lives will be destroyed, unless she plays by the rules. Look at O.J. Simpson - that man got away with murder! The dream team came; the glove didn't fit, and he was a free man. Again, no lesson was learned; justice was avoided. A few years later, 'The Juice' is part of some crazy memorabilia heist which was a comedy of errors, but now he is paying with his life for both crimes. Karma can bite you," added Oberfest.

"Jennifer Rovero took the hit and immediately became Paris' enabler. One can only conclude that Paris will smoke in the confines of her hotel room or in the VIP area of a jam-packed South African hot spot to avoid blatantly obvious exposure the next time around," said Oberfest.

Fuller summed up the discussion about wealth, stupidity and recidivism, adding," I fear that Paris' wealth and thinking errors will lead to an arrest and conviction. I predict the magnitude of the next arrest to be severe and justice will tap her on the shoulder despite any high-profile attorney. It's really sad, because she has the ability to dictate a trouble-free future. Unfortunately - as with any criminal behavior - during the planning and execution of a criminal act, the offender is a free person immune from the dictates of others, and the world knows Lindsay and Paris hate conforming to the rules of society."

Prison Coach

Founded by Steven Oberfest in 2002, Prison Coach recently made John Fuller vice president. Fuller has 10 years of hard time under his belt. Both men are convicted felons and experts of prison life, crime and punishment. They provide clients with various survival strategies, interviews and speaking engagements nationwide.

Stephanie Parks, Public Relations
Prison Coach Inc.

More information can be found on line at Prison Coach.com ('http://www.prisoncoach.com/').

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Stephanie Parks, Public Relations
Prison Coach Inc.

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SOURCE: Prison Coach


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