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Dr. Mehmet Oz's Neighborly Dispute With Angelo Bisceglie Turns Ugly

For Immediate Release

CLIFFSIDE PARK , N.J./EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 2, 2011 --- According Angelo Bisceglie, one-time neighbor and friend of Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife, Lisa, the couple will soon be visiting Hackensack - but not to sign autographs or meet with their fans.

The pair will be appearing at Hackensack Court House alongside fellow defendants the Borough of Cliffside Park and the Borough's zoning board of adjustments.

Late last month, Bisceglie filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court of New Jersey alleging that construction on his neighbors' land was in violation of a resolution reached by the Cliffside Park Zoning Board of Appeals. The resolution stated that the neighbors were permitted to construct a guesthouse no taller than one story high on their property. Regardless of the ruling, they erected a guesthouse that is two stories tall on the lot adjoining Bisceglie's.

This latest lawsuit comes on the heels of a municipal suit in which the Oz couple were found guilty of violating Cliffside Park's fence ordinance which stipulates that fences can be no higher than four feet. The trees that had been planted, which were found to constitute a fence, are 14 feet and 40 feet tall, respectively. Neither of the fences has been removed from the property.

In a phone interview with Bisceglie earlier today, he stated, "My neighbors feel no need to comply with Cliffside Park law. This latest violation is just another example of their negligence. Mehmet and Lisa have left me no choice. If you are in violation of the law, you can't choose not to comply."

Adding insult to injury, Bisceglie claims that the original plans for the property called for five 40-foot trees to be planted, but the pair chose to only plant three. "They said that they 'don't want to obstruct our neighbor's view of New York'," Bisceglie remarked. "My view is completely gone - all I can see is their trees."

Bisceglie is suing for damages to his property and legal fees. In addition, the Bisceglie family hopes that the court will award punitive damages for the breach of private agreements and the neighbors' failure to comply with the law.

Read more about the Oz-Bisceglie Feud here: http://www.therealdoctoroz.com.

Angelo Bisceglie
Bisceglie & DeMarco
Phone: 973-742-8900
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Deanna Steup
Bisceglie & DeMarco
365 Rifle Camp Road
Woodland Park, NJ 07424
PHONE. 973-742-8900
EMAIL: bd_lawfirm@yahoo.com

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SOURCE: Bisceglie & DeMarco


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