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Astra Resources

Company Information :
Astra Resources
46 Tynte Street
North Adelaide, 5006

Astra Resources Jaydeep Biswas and Silvana De Cianni Create a New Vision

For Immediate Release

ADELAIDE, Australia/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 1, 2012 --- Under the guidance of Dr. Jaydeep Biswas and Silvana De Cianni, Astra Resources have created a vision for a better tomorrow. Building on the strong foundations of the company, Astra Resources is set to prosper in its next growth phase.

A diversified, global asset company with a suite of innovative established intellectual, technological and natural resource businesses located around the world, Astra Resources is much more than a resource commodities company; it is far more than a disruptive IP development company; and it is above and beyond simply being an investment company. Astra is a technology-led resources company.

Astra's strategy is simple: to develop a high-performing portfolio of long-term assets in key classes. Spanning technology and disruptive IP, mining, property and agricultural resources, the company's global asset base is demand-driven, diversified and founded in a low-risk philosophy - making Astra unique in the corporate world.

Astra and Jaydeep Biswas has a huge belief in human ingenuity, and knowledge is prized and leveraged by the company. It's green technology holdings are significant in terms of both their future revenue and revolutionary potential. Taking century-old methodology in steel production and power generation, these assets will change the way businesses run and, ultimately, shifting the playing ground in the electricity and steel industries.

The company is focused on disruptive technologies which will substantially alter the resources industry, including energy, backed by mining interests by changing end-user demand and costs.

Astra's aspirational vision is grounded by the company's proven business model - the brainchild of its Board of Directors and executive management. The model has five fundamental pillars: partnerships; securing the supply chain; preservation of capital; risk management, and asset diversification.

By capitalising on China's and India's rapidly growing demand for resources, using technology to solve century old challenges, creating value-added processes, effectively managing the sale process and assisting in its future revenue generation, Astra's assets and projects build, connect and work with each other to create an integrated and dynamic business set to redefine some of the biggest industries in the world. Astra focusses on both ends of the value chain - end-user product manufacturing IP and low cost raw materials supply. As an example, Astra's primary strategy in steel and coal power is not to invest in capital and people-intensive manufacturing steps which are subject to depreciation - it would rather toll through existing facilities or have a royalty-based revenue structure by supplying raw materials and providing technology for game-changer end-products.

Astra has an enviable list of global mining projects and opportunities in iron ore, coal and other steel making commodities - with key success indicators such as major defined deposits, access to mining licences, low cost of production and infrastructure and close to license/ operation ready. Learn more at http://www.astraresources.com.au.

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Caitlin Petrou
Astra Resources
PHONE. 08 8239 2322
EMAIL: caitlin@astraresources.com.au

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