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Company Information :
Nikolaeva st.11
Novosibirsk, 630090
Russian Federation
Ph. 18665034824

Entensys Announces the Release of UserGate Proxy and Firewall V.6

UserGate Proxy and Firewall v.6 - a full-fledged VPN server and IDPS system

For Immediate Release

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russian Federation/EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 24, 2013 --- Entensys, a leading Russian developer of information and online security tools, announces the release of UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.0.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) class solution that facilitates the configuration and monitoring of shared access to local and Internet resources, filtering of FTP and HTTP traffic, in addition to administration of the enterprise network. Information security is ensured by means of a built-in firewall and anti-virus modules. UserGate Proxy & Firewall provides detailed statistics on users' online activities.

The new version of the product features a full-fledged VPN server capable of creating "server-to-server" tunnels and routing traffic between subnetworks. UserGate Proxy & Firewall supports "client-server" connections.

Entensys' software uses the highly efficient Firebird DBMS as an integrated database. Users can also connect to a MySQL server. Therefore, the growth of the data volume in the database will no longer affect the program's

The built-in firewall component has been updated. It now features an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) that protects the system from scanning and flooding. Attack notifications are now logged and sent to
the email address specified in the program settings.

The billing system has also been significantly improved. Most user-requested features have been implemented: subscriptions, prepaid traffic, tariff-based speed limitations, additional paid services and much more. The new version makes it possible to assign the "Billing operator" role to an account that will manage users' accounts and view statistics via the administration console.

The product uses the Entensys URL Filtering 2.0 content filtering technology that now features new site categorization rules. Sites related to information security and parental control, as well as the most popular
non job-related sites browsed by employees have been moved to separate groups. The updated technology also offers higher filtering speed.

Entensys developers placed special emphasis on improving the performance of the NAT driver. The solution correctly works with fragmented packets, VLAN and supports QoS prioritization, which produces a positive effect on the quality of Internet telephony such as SIP and Skype, and minimizes the risk of losing signal during a conversation.

The HTTP proxy component has been completely reworked. Offering better speed, support of NTLM authorization, and keep-alive connections, it now also supports a range of ports and multiple services for content publishing.

Users' web browsing statistics are available in the updated web statistics system. The module generates special reports and builds charts based on existing web browsing information. The administrator can view the necessary
data in the most convenient form.

"Version 6.0 of our flagship product has been in development for 4 years," says Dmitry Kurashev, director of business development at Entensys. "We did our best to implement as many users' feature requests as we could. The solution now has a full-fledged VPN server, works a lot faster and uses a brand new content filtering technology. UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.0 meets all modern requirements for UTM class solutions, which makes it a good choice for small and medium businesses, as well as companies with a distributed office structure."

Learn more at http://www.entensys.com.

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Catherine Anders
Nikolaeva st.11
Novosibirsk, Russian Federation 630090
PHONE. 18665034824

KEYWORDS: networking technology, VPN, technology, content filtering, security, firewall, proxy, gateway

SOURCE: Entensys


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