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Company Information :
Level 1 The Realm
18 National Circuit,
Barton,, ACT 2600
Ph. 61 2 6198 3270
61 2 6198 3270

Media Contacts:
Olga Finneran,
Marketing Coordinator

ComplianceTest Adds SuperStream Member Contributions Test Cases to Cloud-based Test Harness

Subscription model test harness is the future of online software testing

For Immediate Release

CANBERRA, Australia/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 9, 2013 --- ComplianceTest.net, the next generation software test harness, today announced that it is adding member contributions to its SuperStream test harness set for a January 2014 launch.

Created in 2012 by Drummond Group Inc., the U.S.-based trusted software testing and certification body, and Three Steps Party LTD, the Australian-based data integration firm, ComplianceTest.net is building a full suite of test cases to serve the SuperStream community.

"After announcing our work earlier this year on the SuperStream rollover test cases, ComplianceTest.net has seen an increase in interest from software vendors developing products to comply, gateways who may need testing help in moving from paper to electronic transactions with their customers, and self-developing employers who want to ensure they're in compliance with the Australian Tax Office requirements," said Steve Capell, director of ComplianceTest.net. "The low-cost monthly subscription model seems to be very attractive, and our compliance testing work is aligned with the AS4 Interoperability testing done by Drummond Group which should help down the road for interoperability concerns. This response is exciting as we move forward with the SuperStream marketplace."

To stay informed on the status of SuperStream testing on ComplianceTest.net, please visit https://www.compliancetest.net.

To receive news updates, please visit https://www.compliancetest.net and click "Sign Up."

About ComplianceTest.net
ComplianceTest.net is a cloud-based, standards community management and automated test harness system that enables organizations to conduct software compliance tests in a neutral setting. Developed in 2012 by U.S.-based Drummond Group Inc., an accredited leader in global software testing with emphasis on interoperability testing , and ThreeSteps Pty Ltd, a top provider of government-related data integration consulting services based in Australia, ComplianceTest.net delivers a reliable alternative for organizations looking to successfully exchange electronic data based on XML, XBRL and Web Services to the government sector. For more information, visit http://www.compliancetest.net or email info@compliancetest.net

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Olga Finneran
Level 1 The Realm
18 National Circuit,
Barton, Australia ACT 2600
PHONE. 1-512-354-5529
EMAIL: olga.finneran@compliancetest.net

KEYWORDS: SuperStream, test harness, data integration, gateways, compliance, software testing

SOURCE: ComplianceTest.net


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