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Music Vision International LLC

Company Information :
Music Vision International LLC
15131 New Hastings DR
Houston, TX 77095
Ph. 713-443-8984

Media Contacts:
Hellene Hiner

Piano Learning Software, Soft Mozart, Becomes a Sensation in Russian Academic World

Patented invention of American musicologist Hellene Hiner had been endorsed by Russian Ministry of Culture. Herzen State Pedagogical University will inaugurate use of Hiner's curriculum "Soft Way to Mozart" for students and music educators as professional and continuing education courses.

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HOUSTON/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 10, 2013 --- Internationally known musicologist Hellene Hiner has received notification that elements of her research, curriculum and invention "Soft Way to Mozart" (R) have been recommended for use in Russian pre-school institutions, music classes of public schools and schools for children with special needs. Now living in Houston, Hiner, inventor and patent-holder of Elementary and Interactive Grand Staff (US Patent 7,629,527), received the notice on November 20, 2013, from Deputy Minister of Russian Culture, Grigory Ivliyev.

This news created quite a stir in Russia, and partly as a result of the news, Hiner's presentation to top music educators in Russia was very successfully received at the XII International Conference "Contemporary Music Education" on December 4, 2013. In her report Hiner stressed the point that her modifications of the Grand Staff do not go against traditional and classical ways of teaching music. In fact, the program is just an effective, interactive boost to existing music education based on conventional music notation.

Irina Gorbunova, head of the staff of the instructional lab, "Music and Computer Technologies," expressed the opinion of Russian school music professionals that Hiner's research is a valuable addition to existing methodology in teaching music: "We, the staff of the instructional lab, 'Music and Computer Technologies,' of the Russian State Pedagogical University of Herzen, strongly support the creative, instructive, scientific and educational activities of musicologist and teacher, Hellene Hiner. We are well versed with Hellene's methodology, and where possible, promote its use among our students."

Herzen University is going to utilize Hiner's curriculum and piano teaching software starting January 2014, to provide professional and continuing education for the new generations of music teachers. The instructions will be provided on the university campus and remotely by the Internet in Russia and worldwide.

About Hellene Hiner: Hellene Hiner is a Russian born musicologist, author of a patented method of teaching music and piano and a founder of Music Vision International LLC. Based on her many years of research and teaching music, she developed the "Soft Way to Mozart" (R) for learning to play the piano and read music.

About Herzen Pedagogical University (Founded in 1797, St. Petersburg, Russia): It is one of the oldest and largest universities in Russia, combining features of the classical Russian education with all the dynamism of the ever-developing continuum of world education.

About Irina Gorbunova: She is the head of the instructional lab, "Music and Computer Technologies," at the Russian State Pedagogical University of A.I. Herzen, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, and honorary worker of higher professional education.

About Grigory Ivliyev: He is the Deputy Minister of Culture of Russian Federation.

For more information, visit the website http://www.softmozart.com or contact via email at admin@softmozart.com or by phone at 713.443.8984.

Video about the extras that Hellene Hiner added to existing music education with her invention, Soft Way to Mozart, available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF6i3ZlFONk.

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Hellene Hiner
Music Vision International LLC
15131 New Hastings Dr
Houston, Texas 77095
PHONE. 713-443-8984
Skype: soft.mozart
EMAIL: admin@softmozart.com

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SOURCE: Music Vision International LLC


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Patented invention of American musicologist Hellene Hiner

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Patented invention of American musicologist Hellene Hiner

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Patented invention of American musicologist Hellene Hiner


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