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Vizsafe, Inc.

Company Information :
Vizsafe, Inc.
88 Silva Lane
Suite 250
Middletown, RI 02842
Ph. 401-267-8862

New Year's Eve in New York City Features Crowdsourced Security From VizSAFE

Mobile app empowers citizens to use their smartphones to actively participate in public safety by capturing and sharing photos and videos

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 30, 2013 --- VizSAFE, Inc. today announced the creation of a new channel, "2014 SAFE NYE,” to enhance the safety of New York City's New Year's Eve celebration, a global tradition.

VizSAFE enhances community safety and awareness by enabling the public to share photos and videos from their smartphones in real-time with emergency responders, public safety organizations, and other concerned citizens.

The public is invited to download the free VizSAFE app to their mobile devices and support New York City by sharing visual safety content to make New Year's Eve safer.

"As recent events have demonstrated, citizens with smartphones have recorded incident photos and videos that have proven valuable to community safety," said Peter Mottur, VizSAFE president and CEO. "VizSAFE efficiently streamlines, organizes and delivers this content instantly to organizations responsible for public safety."

The mobile app and web platform are designed to help engaged citizens participate in event safety through crowdsourcing and sharing of visual safety content in real-time, turning every attendee at the New Year's Eve Celebration into an active node on the New York City safety network at http://www.vizsafe.com/NYC.

The app and website are free for users to:

- Capture and post photos and videos with descriptions
- Upload previously captured media from the camera roll
- Geolocate and map their media for others to see through the app or website
- Receive notifications from family, friends and neighbors when new reports are posted
- Subscribe to channels (categories) of interest to receive real-time alerts
- Share posts or other user’s posts through their Twitter or Facebook accounts

Citizens are reminded to use extra caution on city streets during the New Year's Eve celebration.

"VizSAFE wishes you a very happy, and safe, New Year!" stated Mottur.

About VizSAFE Inc.
VizSAFE is the only 24/7 global platform dedicated to community safety. VizSAFE's innovative social and mobile web community harnesses the power of citizens to enhance event and community safety by crowdsourcing, organizing and sharing visual safety content in real-time. VizSAFE users are good neighbors who support their communities, as well as first responders in fire, emergency medical, law enforcement, environmental, animal safety and more. VizSAFE partners with organizations that care about public safety. Learn more at http://www.vizsafe.com.

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Peter Mottur
Vizsafe, Inc.
88 Silva Lane
Suite 250
Middletown, RI 02842
PHONE. 401-267-8862
EMAIL: NYE2014@vizsafe.com

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SOURCE: Vizsafe, Inc.


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