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pinnacle press

Company Information :
pinnacle press
POB 56507
Houston, TX 77256
Ph. 713 298 8783
Fx. 7139562991

Jan.: Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease the Focus of New Book, PEO Solution, by Brian Peskin

For Immediate Release

HOUSTON/EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 7, 2014 --- Author Brian Peskin wasn't brought to researching supplements because it was his life's calling - but it became his mission to know everything about them after learning his wife's health was compromised by Type 1 diabetes at age 36.

The result: Peskin uncovered that the medical community promoted many products to help reduce a range of illnesses - including cancers - but these products were based on unsound research:

- Peskin discovered numerous studies showing a direct cause-effect relationship between fish oil use and cancer contraction.

- In 2010, fish oil also was found to cause hardening of the arteries - a very bad outcome.

- Through independent scientific validation, Peskin learned that fish oil, DHA / EPA and "oily fish" taken prophylactically in amounts normally recommended are harmful to humans.

The assertion Peskin makes is that certain primary elements, necessary for optimal health, cannot be created in the body and must be found in food. Furthermore, routine food processing of these is the direct culprit for many of today's maladies. The term, Parent Essential Oils (PEOs), references linoleic acid (LA) or Parent omega 6, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) or Parent omega 3, the two true 18-chain carbon essential fatty acids (EFAs). Marine oils contain none of these critical PEOs.

"What would elicit resistance from medical professionals to the conclusions I have published in PEO Solution?" asked Peskin. "Publicizing the negative impact of fish oil consumption on human health would adversely impact the immense global fish oil industry, so the medical profession hasn't been made aware of pivotal new findings."

Study after study has been dissected and debunked to develop Peskin's book, examining findings that support a growing body of literature implicating high doses of fish oil consumption to disease.

Co-author and renowned clinician, Robert Rowen, M.D., independently confirms Peskin's analysis. PEO Solution is to be released in January 2014. More information is available at http://www.peo-solution.com.

MEDIA: A review copy is available to qualified reviewers by contacting Prof. Brian Peskin (http://www.brianpeskin.com) at 7132988783.

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Brian Peskin
Pinnacle Press
POB 56507
Houston, TX 77256
PHONE. 7132988783
URL. http://www.brianpeskin.com

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SOURCE: PInnacle Press


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