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C. J. Ford Private Investigations

Company Information :
C. J. Ford Private Investigations
211 S. State College Blvd. #343
Anaheim, CA 92806
Ph. 714-776-6504
Fx. 714-422-0298

Edward Snowden Whistle Blowing Method Alternative Recommended by C.J. Ford Jr.

Conventional government complaint methods are complicated and discouraging, and are intentionally applied to discourage people with just causes

For Immediate Release

SANTA ANA, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 8, 2014 --- C.J. Ford is not taking sides on how Edward Snowden chose to expose U. S. secrets of the NSA regarding phone and Internet communication. In Ford's own case, he chose to engage the government using the conventional complaint process and, as a result, himself became the target of an investigation.

In his book, “Whistle Blowing Orange County Style,” Ford details his experiences - the pressures and the retaliatory measures that the government subjected him to when he filed a formal complaint, to expose the government's "little secrets" to the public and taxpayers.

Ford breaks down the whistle blowing process and shows why people are discouraged from using the government complaint process and the measures that taken against whistle blowers by the government.

The book features Ford's firsthand experience related to his complaint to the government as the case study, to educate readers on what pressures and retaliatory measures are used to discourage, financially destroy, publicly embarrass, and "just shut down" complainants.

Ford believes that Snowden felt that "his complaint could never go public," so Snowden was forced to circumvent the normal complaint process.

Allegations by Ford about misconduct and illegal activity engaged in by an investigator hired by the supervising court judge for indigent pro per defendants sparked the campaign against Ford; he became the target of the investigation by the court instead of the investigator involved in the allegations by the pro per defendants.

After a year of the judge "doing nothing," Ford went to the Orange County Weekly and, in a story by Nick Schou entitled, “The Bad Detective,” exposed judges who were intentionally protecting their hired investigator, making court rulings remanding this investigator to the pro per cases regardless of allegations.

Unlike Snowdon's situation, Ford stood his ground and withstood retaliatory efforts by court officials. In his book, Ford teaches and educates his readers on different aspects of whistle blowing and what to expect from filing a complaint. Ford gives readers everything they need to know to make their choice - can readers tolerate the punishment for coming forward?

The book is backed by supporting materials and documentation proving that the judges' organization, "Alternate Defense Services," is a covert organization with no public regulation.

During Ford's investigation, he confronted and exposed the government judicial system, and was victimized by a system designed to humiliate and shut him down.

For more information and documentation, go to http://www.cjfordpi.com.

MEDIA: A review copy of "Whistle Blowing Orange County Style" is available by contact C.J. Ford at 714-776-6504.

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C. J. Ford
C. J. Ford Private Investigations
211 S. State College Blvd. #343
Anaheim, CA 92806
PHONE. 714-776-6504

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SOURCE: C. J. Ford Private Investigations


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