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XCEO, Inc.

Company Information :
XCEO, Inc.
2880 Lakeside Drive
Suite 253
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Ph. 408.855.0000
Fx. 408.855.0004

XCEO's BoardPortal PLUS for Android Helps Directors and Corporate Secretaries Get Things Done in Release 2.0

For Immediate Release

SANTA CLARA, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/March 11, 2014 --- XCEO Inc., a governance and leadership consultancy serving boards of directors and current or aspiring executives, today announced the release of an upgrade to the Android version of its board portal, BoardPortal PLUS(R).

The new features include offline email, offline evaluations, and polls with signature.

Michelle Ronco, XCEO's Program Director, Corporate Governance and Board Leadership Development, said, "Having engaged with thousands of directors over the years, we know what boards need. We design each new feature with effectiveness, security and simplicity in mind. Directors, board secretaries and counsel have demanding schedules, are often traveling and need to have a solution that is secure and easy to use, allowing for total efficiency.

"Whether traveling or at home, our clients can access emails, evaluations and board and committee books at any time, even without a data connection. Polls with signature also provide a fresh approach to a common boardroom challenge by allowing counsel to quickly and securely receive official documentation from the board. I am pleased to offer our clients this new functionality."

Offline email allows board members to read and compose secure email without a data connection, such as when using a device in airplane mode. The offline evaluations feature likewise allows directors to complete any board, committee or personal evaluation while offline. Emails composed and evaluations completed while offline will be saved securely in-app until the tablet regains access to the internet or a data connection. The emails and the evaluation will then be automatically submitted with no further action from the director.

Also, board administrators now have the ability to require signatures on PDF attachments to the polls that they launch, which directors may sign and date while using either a tablet or a PC. This empowers corporate secretaries and directors to handle important documents conveniently within BoardPortal PLUS's highly secure environment without the risk of sending confidential material through email or regular mail.

Dr. Curtis J. Crawford, XCEO's president and CEO, said, "As an active director, I know that the ability to respond to questions from the board and sign documents without the hassle and unreliability of mailing confidential materials back and forth is tremendously valuable. BoardPortal PLUS absolutely provides the best value of all board portals available for corporate and nonprofit boards."

For more information, please visit https://www.boardportalplus.com/.

About XCEO Inc. (http://www.xceo.net)

XCEO Inc. is a leadership and governance consulting firm focused on providing corporate and public sector boards and directors full service offerings including individual director education and development, board recruiting and on-boarding services, automated performance assessments and a secure board portal for increased efficiency, communication and collaboration. Through its professional mentoring services, XCEO also works with senior executives on personal leadership and entrepreneurial initiatives as well as professional advancement strategy and board positioning. Founded in 2003, XCEO serves clients ranging from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Kristin Brownawell
XCEO, Inc.
PHONE. 408-855-0000
EMAIL: kbrownawell@xceo.net

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