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AZCyber-pro, LLC.

Company Information :
AZCyber-pro, LLC.
11036 N. 28th Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Ph. 602-413-9904
Fx. 602-374-5945

Media Contacts:
Mike Rose 602-413-9904

Social Networking How-To Videos Catalog Released by AZCyber-pro: Response to Phoenix Arizona Responsive Web Design Software Script Downloaders Learning Videos

For Immediate Release

PHOENIX/EWORLDWIRE/March 12, 2014 --- Responsive web design company AZCyber-pro has responded to a recent sales spike in software downloads, triggered by the addition of educational videos on network marketing and social networking to its knowledge library. The company now provides answers in the form of videos on how-to-use software script addons and PHP scripts downloaded from its website, http://www.azcyberpro.com.

Post-sales support videos added to the AZCyber-pro online catalog have resulted in a 30 percent reduction in support requests compared to last quarter.

AZCyber-pro responsive web design developer Mike Kuran says: "As most online software websites owners who are selling software, script addons and PHP scripts would agree, product support often costs more than the software product itself.

"Frequently asked questions' pages are designed to reduce consumer support questions; yet, there is still significant time invested in responding to questions about how to use software scripts, and that drives higher prices for software downloads.

"Knowledge is critical, and for years we have applied our talent to producing valuable products for customers with less knowledge, now featuring an educational component.

Kuran affirms AZCyber-pro engineers software scripts to be easy for web design professionals to use, by eliminating the need for large databases and complex application components; those are often troublesome for even the most proficient web design publishers. PHP scripts' software, when used in common web design projects, requires the greatest level of web design experience.

"Together, social networking and mobile browsing have created demand for mobile responsive websites which serve a different page for different mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Software engineering now requires a mobile responsive approach and, for do-it-yourself site owners, the future will require even more complex knowledge and advanced technology beyond PHP scripts," stated Kuran. "Website, blog and forum owners who buy software script addons and downloads for use in their own web design projects may not have script coding in their skill set; these additions can quickly become frustrating for coders and ultimately add to support team overload.

"Everyone enjoys videos as the fastest and easiest way to learn. Years of time wasted on figuring something out along-the-way can be eliminated with video.

"Powerful InfoGraphic media lessons, regardless of viewers' current knowledge level, are the easiest way to learn complex technology and are remembered forever. Professional trainers make concepts easy to understand, using computer screen camera recorders to explain step-by-step what is being illustrated.

"Software downloaders are turning to our learning videos as the first choice of support, resulting in a new product line of learning videos scheduled for release later this year. We will continue to expand our knowledge base for our mobile responsive web design, software, script addons and PHP scripts with educational how-to videos, to maximize use of each product in our catalog.

"After years of engineering easier to use software, we now release more advanced applications for less experienced consumers accompanied by infographic media. More website, blog and forum owners learn how to use the newer technology and achieve exciting results after watching our innovative learning videos."

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Mike Rose
AZCyber-pro, LLC.
11036 N. 28th Dr.
Unit 216
Phoenix, AZ 85029
PHONE. 602-413-9904
FAX. 602-374-5945
EMAIL: press@azcyberpro.com

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SOURCE: AZCyber-pro, LLC.


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Response to Phoenix Arizona Responsive Web Design Software Script Downloaders Learning Videos


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