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Layticia Audibert

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Layticia Audibert


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Anna Ivlieva

Chateau de Saint-Cloud Charity Dinner in Paris: Artist Layticia Audibert, Anna Ivlieva Among Guests

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/April 1, 2014 --- French contemporary artist Layticia Audibert attended a benefit dinner gala to support "Reconstruction du Chateau de Saint Cloud" in Paris.

The benefit dinner guest list included many jet set personalities associated with the organization from the worlds of fashion, music, business, film and international society including:

- Lady Nancy Chopard
- French fashion designer Jean-Claude Jitrois, along with his muse and fashion model Sarah Marshall
- French composer and record producer Marc Cerrone
- New York City based art diva Anna Ivlieva

The gala dinner, held in March, was followed by a live auction hosted by world's famous impresario Massimo Gargia.

A selection of art from Layticia Audibert's art collection along with other luxury items were auctioned at the event to support the foundation.

About the Organization
The chateau of Saint-Cloud was built during the second half of the 17th century, a few years before Versailles, by King Louis XIV's only brother, Duke Philippe of Orleans. It was a part of the royal Orleans' family property for more than a century. The castle was used to entertain many leaders of the world of that time from Russian Tsar Peter I, to American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, Algerian religious and military leader Emir Abdelkader, and Queen Victoria of Great Britain. During the Franco-Prussian war, the Chateau was completely destroyed.

Today, many organizations and individuals in the world unite in the efforts to reconstruct and rebuild Chateau of Saint-Cloud. Since restoring the castle is now an international effort, a group of supporters in the United States, headed by Mitchell Cantor of New York recently chartered, "The American Friends of the Chateau de Saint-Cloud" to raise funds not only for rebuilding but for education of American people about this project and its potential importance as a major cultural center and World Heritage Site.

About Layticia Audibert (http://www.Layticiaaudibert.com)
Layticia Audibert is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. She creates wall art, paintings out of very unusual materials such as fashion magazine covers, feathers, old music records, wires, and silhouette of a mannequin placed on a canvas. Many Layticia's paintings are accompanied by her poetry and have very poetic names. She translates poetry into her paintings, where she creates a mixture of poetry and art, almost like a game of words in French and English and a creative painting. Her art is deeply infused with a passion for color and fashion, and each piece is designed to captivate, inspire and connect with the viewer on a personal level.

Press Contacts:

For Chateau Saint-Cloud information and sponsorship opportunities, contact Laurent Bouvet via email at bouvet@reconstruisonssaintcloud.fr.

For more information and to schedule an interview with Layticia Audibert, contact Anna Ivlieva via email anna@luxuryventure.com.

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SOURCE: Luxury Venture Company


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