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Company Information :
22 Northumberland Rd.,
Dublin, IE
Ph. 1 (516) 360-0729

Media Contacts:
PaySurfer Press Relations
US: 1 (516) 360-0729
Russia: 7 (499) 918-4147
Fax: 7 (499) 918-4147

Mobile Phone Top Up Services From PaySurfer Reach Every Operator

PaySurfer.com service knows everybody.

For Immediate Release

BALLSBRIDGE, Dublin Ireland/EWORLDWIRE/April 25, 2014 --- More than 500 operators in 70 countries worldwide participate in PaySurfer (http://www.paysurfer.com) mobile top up services - even for clients in Russia and CIS where PaySurfer dominates with 100 percent operator coverage.

According to PaySurfer COO Dennis Ivanov, "We've effectively solved the issue of topping up a friend's cell phone, when you have no idea which operator it belongs to."

Even on electronic street kiosks of major payment systems that are so popular in Eastern Europe, customers are required to choose the destination operator first before entering a phone number and effectuating a successful transaction. With PaySurfer, people in Russia and CIS only need to know the phone number - the PaySurfer system automatically recognizes the operator and suggests it, even if cell users have recently migrated to another service while keeping the phone number. Customers may also accompany a top up with a short SMS greeting text message when sending a gift recharge to someone who is celebrating a birthday or special occasion.

PaySurfer initiated an additional innovative service - "deferred top ups" - which resolve the perpetual issue of finding the right gift for a relative and tracking its delivery on the correct date. Deferred top ups can be purchased in advance and held until a specific date; the transaction is triggered and released automatically by the PaySurfer online processing system, notifying both the customer and recipient. Friends or colleagues receive this simple and original gift unexpectedly, accompanied by the personal greeting; customers need not worry about missing a significant date or being too busy to send a greeting card.

Many companies from the BTL and retail segments have already signed favorable deals with PaySurfer, encompassing exclusive services for their bonus programs, customizable SMS text messages, and automatic phone number recognition. Companies have acquired phone numbers of clients though surveys, and clients appreciate the personalized approach and bonus gifts paid to their phones as part of advertising and loyalty programs, which significantly improve campaign response rates and conversion ratios. Apart from that, PaySurfer offers full operator coverage in specific regions, saving agencies from pain associated with finding alternative solutions for customers who cannot be serviced easily in the mainline.

"In the current competitive environment where standard payment solutions can be found on every street corner, innovative approaches to solving common problems with phone top ups are required," stated Ivanov. "Unfortunately, to top up someone else's phone - and oftentimes, even your own phone - is not straightforward, aside from the challenges when you leave on a tourist trip, whether for a holiday in Thailand, a business trip to the UAE, or a visit to your grandmother in a neighboring country. With our system, not only you can always refill your mobile account balance using a credit card, debit or prepaid paysafecard cards, but you also please your loved ones."

About PaySurfer
PaySurfer was founded in early 2011 by Russian founders with significant technology, retail and finance backgrounds, who previously worked for corporations such as Microsoft and Spar. PaySurfer currently serves more than 500 operators in 70 countries, providing services in the field of mobile phone recharge. More recently, from its initial innovative start-up, the company has quickly gained momentum and become successful on the market of new mobile payments, supported by high interest from private investors in its unique technology. The company processes hundreds of thousands of transactions each month, and continues the intensive development of its partner network in countries worldwide. Learn more at http://www.paysurfer.com.

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Dennis Ivanov
22 Northumberland Rd.,
Dublin, IE
+1 (516) DO-00-PAY (USA) / +1 (516) 36-00-729
FAX: +7 (499) 918-4147 x4
EMAIL: sales@paysurfer.com

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PaySurfer Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Ivanov


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