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Pinnum Inc.

Company Information :
Pinnum Inc.
101 convention center drive
Suite 1100
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Ph. 7145283779

Small Business Merchants Plug Into Mobile Solution From Pinnum: Apple and Google Store Availability

For Immediate Release

LAS VEGAS/EWORLDWIRE/June 10, 2014 --- With two years in development, pinnum Inc. has now released its latest version of pinnum featuring "Buy Now for Business," available on Apple and Google stores.

According to pinnum's CEO John Giaimo, "Consumers using the latest mobile technology have moved faster than small businesses can keep pace. pinnum for business provides a low cost mobile solution that has been specifically designed for small business, providing business owners with the ability to do execute mobile transactions, reinforce customer loyalty and deliver continuous marketing."

Each merchant receives a unique pin number, a pinnum. Users simply pull down the pinnum app and enter the business' unique pin number to take advantage of a special exclusive discount or immediately purchase a sale item.

Through pinnum's relationship with Simplify Commerce by MasterCard(R), pinnum will setup a merchant credit card account tied directly to the business' pinnum account. When a consumer makes a purchase, all funds are deposited directly into the business' bank account within 48 hours.

"This opens doors to every small business," stated Giaimo. "There is no special technology required - no scanners, no point-of-sale systems. Consumers hold the required technology right in their hand."

The app is free to consumers, and pinnum will supply each business with marketing materials to assist in their promotion.

"The local bakery, pizza restaurant, or car wash cannot afford to waste time or make additional capital investment to develop mobile technology, especially technology that accepts credit cards," added Giaimo. "Unlike daily deal sites, pinnum does not take a piece of the deal."

To learn more about pinnum's Buy Now for Business, visit http://www.pinnum.biz.

Contact John Giaimo
Tel 714.528.3779
Email John@pinnum.com

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John Giaimo
Pinnum Inc.
101 convention center drive
Suite 1100
Las Vegas, NV 89109
PHONE. 7145283779

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SOURCE: Pinnum Inc.


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