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Company Information :
5893 E. Night Glow Cir.
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
Ph. 877-877-1457
Fx. 309 285 3692

Media Contacts:
Mike Battin
Chief Operating Officer
877-877-1457 x802

PACSHealth and Dell Unite in Hosting and Distribution Agreement to Provide Radiation Dose Monitoring

For Immediate Release

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz./EWORLDWIRE/July 1, 2014 --- PHS Technologies Group LLC, a unit of PACSHealth LLC and developer of software that monitors patient exposure to ionizing radiation, today announced that Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences will become a marketing, distribution and hosting partner for its DoseMonitor(R) OnLine software solution.

Under the agreement, Dell will provide DoseMonitor OnLine as a centrally hosted service for current and future customers using the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive service (DCCA) (http://www.dell.com/UnifiedClinicalArchive) for enterprise data management. As one of the largest medical image archives in the world, DCCA currently hosts more than 7.5 billion images (http://www.dell.com/uca-ticker) from 1,050 clinical sites.

Mike Battin, chief operating officer of PACSHealth, said, "Reducing radiation dose is a priority in the medical community, and DoseMonitor OnLine offers an effective tool to monitor cumulative risk and meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. We are pleased that Dell will join us in our efforts."

DoseMonitor OnLine is a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) that automates American College of Radiology reporting guidelines, eliminating time-consuming manual steps and reducing human input errors. DoseMonitor OnLine provides an enterprise view of all imaging protocols with full support and integration of the platform into the enterprise operation.

Its capabilities include:

- Enterprise level multi-modality support for CT, mammography (MG), direct radiography (DR), Computed Radiography (CR) and angiography (XA) modalities.
- Advanced reporting capabilities, including dose by technologist by procedure, dose by physician by procedure, mammography reporting (organ and mean glandular dose) and age range support with real-time alerts and notifications of variance in protocol or expected dose.
- Intelligent patient search, including search by name, partial name, medical record number and accession number.
- Full remote hosting and management by Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, a proven leader in the medical imaging management space.

"Healthcare providers are looking to gain greater insights into their data to make well-informed decisions about the care they provide to patients," said Jim Champagne, executive director, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences. "With DoseMonitor OnLine as part of our Dell Cloud Clinical Archive, customers have new analytic capabilities to support the quest to make healthcare safer
and more effective."

About PHS Technologies Group LLC

PHS Technologies Group LLC is a division of PACSHealth LLC, a medical software
development company based in Scottsdale, Ariz. that develops software systems for medical imaging technology. PHS Technology Group is committed to helping the medical community reduce patient exposure to ionizing radiation through advanced solutions that enable hospitals to manage patient radiation dose and comply with regulatory requirements and industry guidelines, while increasing efficiency and reducing cost. For more information about DoseMonitor, please visit http://www.dosemonitor.com or call or email Mike Battin (877) 877-1457 x802; mike.battin@pacshealth.com.

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Mike Battin
PHS Technologies Group, LLC
32531 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
PHONE. 877-299-6587

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