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MIPJ LLC / Humanitas Media

Company Information :
MIPJ LLC / Humanitas Media
244 5th Avenue
Ste D-102
New York, NY 10001
Ph. 9172832490

International Relations and Human Security Publication, MIPJ, Becomes Independent Media Company

MIPJ Continues to focus on the nexus among media, information, international relations, and humanitarian affairs

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/July 16, 2014 --- The MIPJ (http://www.mipj.org), a print, digital. and multimedia publication focusing on fundamental issues in international relations and human security, has announced that it has been spun off from its former parent, the now dissolved IIPFoundation, to become an independent media company.

Remaining under the leadership of principal K.J. Wetherholt, it will continue its focus on critical issues in the nexus of international and human security, particularly during crisis, conflict, and disaster, including producing a themed print/digital/multimedia annual publication.

Certain projects, such as the annual edition, will also be produced under non-profit auspices via an official fiscal sponsorship to be announced.

Additionally, under its new structure, the MIPJ will also be able to produce additional specific projects in partnership with both outside contributors and current content partners, which has included
international photo agencies VII and NOOR, MediaStorm, PBS MediaShift, FotoEvidence, SocialDocumentary.net, The Center for Climate and Security, the Byrd Polar Research Center, and Newsmotion, with such Advisory Board members as National Geographic Explorer in Residence Wade Davis, Michael Ware formerly of CNN, Brian Storm of MediaStorm, Christopher Mikkelsen and David Mikkelsen Troensegaard of Refugees United, VII's Marcus Bleasdale, and international conflict and crisis adviser, Professor Alan Hatcher.

These include multi-medium projects that will focus on specific conflicts, crises and subject areas, inclusive of articles cross-posted with The Huffington Post. Stand alone projects to be released in the public sphere will include those with photo, text, film, exhibition, and multimedia components.

"The primary focus of the IIPFoundation had become increasingly the work of the MIPJ, so it made sense that the MIPJ be spun off to become its own independent company," Wetherholt wrote. "Our primary objective had always been to be supportive of certain important international issues and projects that needed attention in the international public sphere, but now we'll be able to focus on that exclusively without some of the limitations we had faced in our previous form, and in whatever capacity makes sense for us, our contributors, our partners and target audiences."

This will include often forgotten attention to the context of certain international issues and crises in an advisory capacity for partners and other stakeholders.

"Often, information in this Information Age is presented in a vacuum - often truncated in headlines, exceedingly short articles and soundbytes. Critical attention to context and history are missing, which leaves no capacity to understand certain issues or events as a whole. People may know what has happened, where, and among whom, but often not enough emphasis is placed on why. Without this understanding, there is not the sense of investment in these issues, an investment which has a better chance when the reader or viewer feels a more personal stake in what is happening. Establishing that relevance takes further engagement, and in ways specific to the targeted audience."

The official re-launch of the MIPJ will occur on a date to be announced, with MIPJ Podcast Producer/Host/Contributor Leigh Barrett and Editor and Correspondent Sean Mullan also returning.

Print/Digital/Multimedia editions of the MIPJ as previously produced may be found on Amazon, BN.com, IndieBound, and via the MIPJ website: http://www.mipj.org.

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KJ Wetherholt
MIPJ LLC / Humanitas Media
244 5th Avenue
Ste D-102
New York, NY 10001
PHONE. 9172832490
EMAIL: kjwetherholt@mipj.org

KEYWORDS: human rights, international relations, media, information, data, research, humanitarian affairs, human security, conflict, war, crisis, disaster, international relations, humanitarian affairs. media, information, crisis, conflict, disaster. multimedia

SOURCE: MIPJ LLC / Humanitas Media


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