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Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff Files a Notice of Claim: West Middle Island Elementary School of the Longwood Central School District

Media Advisory

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 8, 2018 --- On Michael S. Lamonsoff Esq., the owner of the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff and his client will speak to the press regarding a racial slur by a teacher to a nine-year-old student at the West Middle Island Elementary School of the Longwood Central School District, which is a predominately white school.

Lamansoff alleges the school's reaction was grossly inadequate and insensitive.

The slur happened on Oct. 15, 2018, in the art class the student regularly attended. Students were given a two-sided mirror and pencils as utensils for their drawing. The assignment was to draw a self-portrait of themselves. Nasaun Jones was having some issues drawing his nose and asked his art teacher, Mr. Johnson, for help. The teacher drew an oversized nose, into his artwork. Jones questioned the teacher, asking, "Why did you draw my nose so big?" to which the teacher replied, "All African Americans have big noses." Jones was extremely upset and confused, because he saw how nice Johnson had drawn his mostly white classmates' noses. Jones figured Johnson would do the same for him. Jones noticed that he was the only child in the class that the teacher had done this to.

When Jones shared what had happened to him at the school with his mother, Naquell Walker, and Jones' grandmother, Roberta Williams, they were astonished.

They called the principal. They were stone walled. They were told that the principal was out of the office. They inquired about speaking with someone else in the school's administration but were denied. Their phone calls went unreturned.

The school, after local media coverage, finally agreed to talk to Ms. Walker. Notwithstanding her protests, the teacher returned to work after about a week's suspension. School administration tried to appease Ms. Walker by telling her that the teacher, on his own volition, attended a "program." This action was an apparent attempt to avoid any potential consequences, for Johnson's actions. The program that Johnson attended did not deal with any racial sensitivity issues. Shockingly, the school didn't mandate that the teacher take a racial sensitivity course and allowed him to return to teaching children at the school.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff will answer inquiries and will make clients available for commentary.

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Kemar Irving
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Kemar Irving
Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff
32 Old Slip - 8th Floor
New York, NY 10005
PHONE. 2129621020
EMAIL: kirving@msllegal.com

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SOURCE: Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff


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