5 Reasons Why Can Coolers and Custom Wristbands are Best to Raise Awareness

Custom wristbands made from various materials have slowly transcended simple fashion sense. They first became popular during the 1980’s and were simply used by women as an accessory. By the time 2004 came around however, Lance Armstrong decided to use wristbands to launch LIVESTRONG, creating an awareness for cancer.

Nowadays, the customizability of wristbands has made it a powerful tool for spreading awareness for various societal concerns. But what exactly makes it so powerful? Here are some of the advantages of this fashion choice:

1. So Many Colors to Choose From

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of wristbands is that they can be done in any color. This makes them perfect for raising awareness as colors today are typically associated with specific movements. Want to raise awareness for breast cancer and women’s health? Just start wearing a pink wristband. Want to raise awareness for LGBTQ inclusivity? Just start wearing a rainbow wristband. Many non-profit organizations and governments have associated specific shades with some form of social change, health awareness, or in support of a movement. Hence, if you feel strongly about a particular mindset, wristbands would be a great way to communicate that.

2. Cost Efficient

There’s also the fact that wristbands are wonderfully inexpensive. Each wristband is low-cost and can therefore be made in large amounts. Whether you need twenty or two hundred, the cost would be relatively cheap – even with the customizations! The low cost of the wristbands would make them ideal as giveaways for events or perhaps even used as a way to keep track of visitors or attendees in a show or movie. The flexibility of its use combined with the low cost per band should help extend the reach of your cause in any situation.

3. Cool Accessory

Of course, there’s also the fact that custom beer coolies are a great way to accessorize your party event. They’re very easy to keep your drinks cool so that you won’t even notice that they’re there. This is a very important aspect of every accessory – they have to help complete your party event without making things harder for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re participating in a bday party, having fun in a concert, or just trying to participate in a meeting – these can coolers could be used comfortably outside of your drink and will not slip off.

4. Customizable

Color options is just one of the ways you can customize these wristbands. You can also change the writing on the band, the font, and even the material used for it. Silicone is a favorite but it can also be made of rubber – depending on what you find is most comfortable. Some people even use glow-in-the-dark material, thereby ensuring that its wearers can be seen during low-light situations. But when would this be useful? Well, glow-in-the-dark wristbands are often used when jogging or cycling late at night. In either case, the wristbands are more than just a fashion statement; they’re also wonderful tools to guarantee the safety of its wearer.

5. Variety Options

Another great thing about this product is that it comes in different sizes. Do you need to appeal to an adult crowd or the younger generation? The bands can be made to perfectly fit the wrists of little kids for child-friendly events. You can also adjust the thickness of the material, depending on how it would be used in any situation. From the size, the color, the material, and the thickness – all of these factors can be changed to exactly what you need.

Final Word

The beauty of 24hour wristbands are that they work very well alone, or you can launch them together with another marketing technique. For example, some events use color coding to help identify different types of ticket holders. With some imagination, the use of these wristbands to advance your cause is endless.