8 Occasions When Custom Yard Signs are Used Best

Effective advertising need not be expensive. As you walk or drive around, you will notice these bandit signs or yard signs planted along the road that promote different kinds of business and how to get in touch with them. The use of this yard sign advertising technique is prevalent because of its affordability and can be done or purchased in bulk. Take a look at 8 occasions when these are used best:

1. Election and Political Campaign

Using lawn signs has been prevalent during the election period as candidates running for office promote their causes to the people. Using yard or bandit signs is a good guerilla tactic as they can be spread all over the area and target the local population. This is also an effective way to urge people to know their candidates and vote during Election Day.

2. Contractors

Your business can effectively be out there on the streets for all to see if you use yard signs to advertise. Homebuilders, roofers, seal coaters, painters, pressure washers are some of the people who contract themselves out for labor and find yard signs to be an effective and less costly way to market themselves.

3. Real Estate

Selling your home or property can be easier to do if you place a custom yard sign outside your property and also in areas most likely to have foot and car traffic. This can turn passersby into potential buyers, interested enough to visit your property. Yard signs can point them in the right direction.

4. Business Service/Grand Openings

Newly put-up businesses can take advantage of local advertising using yard signs. This can draw attention and people to their opening day. This is the perfect time to let people know what the business is all about and what you have to offer. Local shops or malls can have a successful big event sale using yard signs strewn over the community letting them know what’s up for grabs or discounts they can avail on that day.

5. Fundraiser

Fundraising activities need the greatest number of people to be around to raise the money needed. Some organizers may not consider putting up yard signs but having several of these spread around the area will not hurt. People will become aware of the program and can find ways to support it even without attending the event. Being creative in your signs may mean putting information that can effectively get the attention and generosity of the reader.

6. Caution Signs

Areas under construction can put large signs warning people to temporarily steer clear of that particular area. It can also be an effective way to guide passersby to an alternative route that can take them to where they want to go. Yard signs can help prevent accidents and save lives.

7. Festivals / Events

Using a yard sign along the road for advertising a festival or event that is soon to happen is like an open invitation for people to come and enjoy that day. This low-cost endorsement will help in creating awareness and gather the crowds for the occasion.

8. Personal Use

Bandit signs have a lot of uses that people are turning to for any occasion. Birthdays and even anniversaries are celebrated with customized banner signs. Using yard signs is also an effective way to let people know to be aware and beware of any pets or dogs present on your property or those surveillance cameras that are monitoring all movements around your property.

Custom yard signs from Imprint.com are attention grabbers and are also easy to set up as you only need to push the metal stake into the ground and take it down after the event. They can be placed on medians, grass along the gravel road, parks if allowed, and other landscaped areas and a great method to spread awareness of your business to the community.