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Sports Fans of America Encourages MLB Baseball Fan Strike

Gainesville, FL/EWORLDWIRE/July 12, 2002 --- Sports Fans of America Association, Inc., the nation's leading sports fan advocacy organization, is encouraging major league baseball fans to strike immediately! Do not go to any MLB games, watch any MLB games on television, purchase any MLB products, or listen to any games on the radio or the Internet. 

Fans have been slapped in the face too many times by major league baseball. Instead, we encourage baseball lovers to support your minor league, college, high school and little league teams. The players and owners sit at the bargaining table and once again the fans are left out of the equation. 

It is hard to look at the game right now and decide what to do: laugh or cry. There have been eight player strikes since 1972 and threatening another one, 83% price increase in eleven years for attending the games, big-money teams dominating the league, pumped up players on steroids and no testing policy, fans subjected to the loss or relocation of their teams. This sport is floundering. O yeah, there's the All-Star fiasco where $175 for a ticket but can't produce a winner and proudly names the All-Star MVP Award after Ted Williams, then has nobody to give it to. Fans are angry and don't like being taken for granted. The All-Star game showed once again that baseball doesn't really care about the fans.

Owners need to cut ticket prices by 10%, Players need to sacrifice a portion of their ridiculous salaries to make the league viable and be more fan friendly and are role models. 

Baseball has lost its compass with the customers again and again. At the All-Star Game in Milwaukee a father and his three sons spent $500 to sit four rows from the top. "If it's just an exhibition," he said, "why don't they charge exhibition prices?" Good question. Baseball probably has no good answer. It does not have many good answers for any issue these days. According to the Team Marketing Report's Fan Cost Index, the average cost of attending a game has risen by 82.8% since 1991. Major league baseball needs to listen up because we (The Sports Fans) fund your industry.

Eight work stoppages: In 1972 for 14 days, 1973 for 12, 1976 for 17, 1980 for 8, 1981 for 50, 1985 for 2, 1990 for 32 and 1994/95 for 232 days. That's 367 days, more than a leap year of family feuding in the MLB. It's ML-BS. Aren't fans tired of this league yet? We love baseball, but this is ridiculous. Headlines, ironically, from the World Congress of Sports read “We must keep focus on the fan". 

Sports Fans of America Association, Inc., the nation's only sports fan advocacy organization that has topped the 500,000-membership mark. Its mission statement is improving the quality of sports from a fan perspective. It tackles issues that are near and dear to the fan’s concerns. The organization’s web site ( also serves as one of the leading sports fan portals on the Internet. Our goal is to create win-win situations between the fans, teams and the sports industry as a whole. The organization provides a focus on the fan, their needs, desires and satisfaction. The sports fan wants respect and representation, which is proven by SFAA’s quick membership growth from a grassroots college project to half a million members. We encourage all sports fans to be represented and appreciated by joining the revolution in sports today.

Robert Hutcherson
Sports Fans of America Association, Inc.
3320 NE Kensington Place 
High Springs, FL  32643

PHONE: 866.444.FANS
FAX: 386.454.0727
EMAIL: [email protected]

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