Class Action Suit Alleges Dell Computers Duped Consumers When Selling Plasma Monitors -- Fraudulently Labeled "Plasma TV"

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On the eve of a November roll out of its new line of Dell 42" Plasma TVs, Dell lawyers are quietly dealing with a class action lawsuit, entitled Crispino v. Dell, Inc., (Superior Court of California, County of Riverside - Indio Branch Case No. INC 043 487), alleging Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) duped consumers across the nation into believing they were purchasing a "Plasma TV" when they made purchases from their mail order catalog.

Unlike the new line of Plasma TVs being offered by Dell, these products did not have the required television tuners or speakers to function as "televisions" and were described as "monitors" or "displays" by their manufacturers while Dell advertised them as "TVs".

"It is outrageous that Dell can enter this market in good faith having left untold numbers of consumers holding the bag with deceptively sold products. What Dell has done is the rough equivalent of advertising the sale of a car and then shipping it without an engine," said lead attorney Ricardo A. Torres II. "Dell needs to account for its past behavior before it enters the homes of U.S. consumers with any more plasma television products," added co-counsel Nick Pacheco.

Dell's deceptive sales of the following Plasma Displays/Monitors are the focus of the Class Action lawsuit: 37" Panasonic TH-37PWD-5UZ/UY; 42" Planar PDP-42BK; and 42" NEC PlasmaSync 42VP4.

The lawsuit seeks damages, restitution and injunctive relief against future deceptive practices by Dell. The next court date in the case is set for November 9, 2004.


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