Fox Still Does Not Own a Trademark for Scrat, The Cartoon Star in Ice Age Franchise, Says Ivy Supersonic

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According to Ivy Supersonic, 14 years  after the release of Fox's first Ice Age Movie, the organization still does not own a trademark to what has become the biggest grossing cartoon character in the history of the world internationally:

Ivy Supersonic, who created the Sqrat cartoon character before Fox allegedly stole it, is the owner of the federally registered trademark for Sqrat, a cartoon character she created 17 years ago in May 1999, which predates Fox's Scrat creation in October 1999.

How did Fox get hold of Ivy's cartoon character in October 1999? Aside from being featured on the front page of the October 1999 issue of License Magazine with Fox, Ivy's then boyfriend worked for Fox and the creators of "The Power Rangers."  

"It's just crazy that Fox doesn't own a trademark for its $4 billion Scrat or the web domain. I own both: and I created the name for the cartoon character Sqrat, and I own the word mark. It is a federally registered trademark. The word Sqrat is a conjunction, spelling 'squirrel' plus 'rat.' When my attorney provided notice to Fox in February 2002, 14 years ago before the movie was released in March 2002 that the organization was infringing on my property and asked if Fox wanted to settle the matter or we would sue, Fox then changed the spelling from 'Sqrat' to 'Scrat,' which no longer spells out 'squirrel rat.' Scrat  wouldn’t be my first pick for a children's cartoon as it's defined in Webster's dictionary as 'hermaphrodite," said Supersonic.

Supersonic appeared on Howard Sterns' Christmas Special promoting her cartoon character two years before Ice Age was in theatres. The 30-minute episode titled, "The Lighting of the Teeth," ran 16 years ago - December 2000 - on CBS TV, E! Network, and K-Rock FM Radio with 27 million listeners. The segment may be viewed at

"Obviously Fox had plenty of access to my Sqrat and just doesn't give a Sqrat! 'Sqrat' and 'Scrat' are the same name. A good example is 'John' and 'Jon.'"

Fox has built the name up and spent money branding Sqrat/Scrat which now comes with a huge price tag.  

Sqrat is still available for license. Disney and DreamWorks are invited by Supersonic to discuss licensing at [email protected]


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Fox Still Does Not Own a Trademark for Scrat, The Cartoon Star in Ice Age Franchise, Says Ivy Supersonic