March 17-18: Private Giant Spring / Summer Consumer Product Sale by Meyer Entertainment Productions

Ohio State Buckeye football and NFL memorabilia will be given away: 2017 OSU Buckeye football season tickets will be given away

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COLUMBUS, Ohio/EWORLDWIRE/March 6, 2017 ---

Meyer Entertainment Productions will hold a private consumer products sale on March 17-18, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio.

Tickets are available at

Consumers will be able to pick over $20 million in name brand items.  

"We're doing something no other consumer products company is doing - charging one price and allowing consumers to walk away with thousand of dollars worth of goods they can use at home including electronics, toys, clothing, small appliances, and more," said Lonnie Meyer, CEO, Meyer Entertainment Productions. "We're limiting the number of people that attend our event - that's why it's a private event. Also we're not charging by the item purchased but by the giant bag that can be filled and carried out of our facility."

According to Meyer, consumers will be unable to purchase merchandise onsite at the sale. Those who attend will have already paid to get all the items they can fit into giant bags.

"We'll also be giving away authentic Ohio State Buckeye and NFL memorabilia both days," added Meyer. "That's in addition to season tickets for the OSU BUCKEYE 2017 Season including parking passes."  

To participate in the one-time major sale, the public must purchase an e-ticket online. No tickets will be sold on the day of the sale.

Meyer Entertainment Productions is a multifaceted entertainment marketing/promotional company specializing in direct marketing consumer events.


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