PHOTOS: The Miracle of Jesus Appears in the Art of Ivy Supersonic: Limited Edition Jesus Prints Available

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NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 15, 2017 ---

Brooklyn-born Ivy Supersonic - nee' Silberstein - who has used a majority of her energy to create rock-star worthy hats, jeans, and her infamous Sqrat - a/k/a Scrat - character, always searched for a way to connect with dearly departed friends and loved ones.

On a personal healing quest on the west coast just a few days before Chanukah in 2016, Supersonic had a 'spiritual' experience when she turned to painting with watercolor on canvas. It was the anniversary of her father's passing, and she visited an art store featuring his name, Jerry, where she picked up her first batch of supplies. Her first stroke was put to canvas on December 19, 2016 - around the first time Christmas and Chanukah fell on the same day in 50 years.

Supersonic found in creating her art that she established newly forged relationships with the spirits of her past. She - and her fan base - consider her a conduit for 'gift' art, a "vessel" or a "channel" chosen by spirits to share their messages with those who are still earthbound.

An unexpected miracle happened on the sixth night of Chanukah 2016: Jesus showed up in her paintings. "Jesus appeared to me. Jesus and Jerusalem are visible in my paintings. Jesus on the Cross appears in my name. I am Jewish, and Jesus and Moses are appearing to me."

Supersonic's efforts in the past year have produced vividly colored works using a mix of both bold and light brushstrokes applied with an "unearthly vigor" (review at, and contain hidden images and messages. Turn one of her canvases in any direction, and the power of the Four Winds is visible, and viewers catch a glimpse of God's strength in action. Lost people, worlds, civilizations, spirits, forgotten Gods and yet to be named beings all have a role in her mystical creations. Glimpses of other worlds, mystical creatures, and magical people are present and await a discerning eye and an open spirit of adventure during each viewer's interactive experience.

Supersonic admits that she is "... not even sure I know how to paint." Since posting her work to Facebook, she's become a phenomenon. Fairies, angels, the Shroud of Turin, the Crown of Thorns, The Last Supper, Jesus, and his disciples have been spotted within her creations. Feedback has persuaded Supersonic that her abstract art pieces are a modern-day miracle.

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"Ivy Supersonic, The Channel Artist (," is a documentary film short filmed and edited by cinematographer Bryan Sarkinen who captures the essence of The Miracle Art. The filming took place at Supersonic's "Art of Mysticism Paintings From The Divine," located at 41 E. 11th Street, New York, and features New York Artist Ivy Supersonic and a host of New York characters: Ron Mwangaguhunga, writer for The Huffington Post; N.Y. Psychic Frank Andrews; paranormal photographer Shannon Taggart; artist Johann (; writer Linda Mesch; industrialist David Thomas; acupuncturist Susan Anton; MNN TV producer ZHot; and 90s MTV VeeJay Jesse Camp.

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Photo: The Crown of Thorns (size: 0.0 kb)
The Crown of Thorns appeared in Silberstein's paintings on the sixth night of Hanukah

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Photo: The Last Supper (size: 0.0 kb)
The Last Supper appeared in Silberstein's painting on the sixth night of Hanukkah 2016: : Artist Johann explains what the painting represents