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Time Zones

To calculate a time, find the Universal Time (UT) and then adjust by the number of hours specified in the offset field.

Zone Name Code Offset (Hours) Daylight Savings Code Daylight Savings Offset (Hours)
International Date Line East IDLE +12
New Zealand Standard Time NZST +12
New Zealand Time NZT +10
Guam Standard Time GST +10
Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST +10 AEDT +11
Australian Central Standard Time ACST +9.5 ACD +10.5
Japan Standard Time JST +9
China Coast Time CCT +8
Australian Western Standard Time AWST +8
India Standard Time IST +5.5
Russian Zone 3 +4
Baghdad Time BT +3
Russian Zone 2 +3
Moscow Time MSK +3 MSD +4
Eastern European Time EET +2 EEST +3
Russian Zone 1 +2
Central Europe Summer Time CEST +2
Central European Time CET +1
Middle European Time MET +1
Swedish Winter Time SWT 0
Greenwich Mean Time GMT 0
Universal Time UT 0
Western European Time WET 0 WEST +1
British Summer Time BST +1
Irish Summer Time IST +1
West African Time WAT -1
Newfoundland Standard Time NST -3.5 NDT -2.5
Atlantic Standard Time AST -4 ADT -3
Eastern Standard Time EST -5 EDT -4
Central Standard Time CST -6 CDT -5
Mountain Standard Time MST -7 MDT -6
Pacific Standard Time PST -8 PDT -7
Alaskan Standard Time AKST -9 AKDT -8
Hawaiian Standard Time HST -10
International Date Line West IDLW -12