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Failsafe Canada Inc.
[email protected]

Company Information :
Failsafe Canada Inc.
3025 - 12 St. N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7J2
Ph. (403) 313 6789
Fx. (403) 313-6792

Stock Information:

Failsafe Canada Releases Approved Carbon Credits Trading Application that creates New Revenue for the World's Farmers

Approved carbon credits applied towards global warming helps farmers' budget and the global environment.

For Immediate Release

CALGARY, Alberta Canada/EWORLDWIRE/April 1, 2008 --- Failsafe Canada Inc. this week released its commercial version of ECC Tracker - a proprietary application for approved Carbon Credit Aggregators to manage the entire process of buying and trading carbon credits for industry. Failsafe has just completed the world's first agriculturally based carbon credit trade that will put up to CD$40,000 in some farmers' pockets. ECC Tracker handles all of the administration, contact information, data files and application projects, and all the accounting and trust monies.

As a management tool and tracking application, ECC Tracker will:

. Track all lands and land usage
. Utilize protocols to calculate carbon reductions
. Manage and maintain farmer contracts and MOUs
. Assign a specific serial number to each credit

ECC Tracker provides the means for Carbon Credit Aggregators to effectively track and manage vast areas of farm land. The software manages the organizations that need to purchase carbon offset credits and provides the criteria to reimburse land owners and farmers with financial compensation, towards good land usage. Satellite aerial views of the land are also available through Google maps.

ECC Tracker utilizes government-approved protocols to calculate the carbon dioxide tonnage reductions applicable to each specific protocol.

ECC Tracker is now available to individual Carbon Credit Aggregators and government institutions that wish to proceed with the new Carbon emissions, global warming initiatives.

Because ECC Tracker provides secure services on a calculated transactional-costing base, the aggregator or approved organization pays no application charges unless a carbon credit trade and sale are accomplished.

- Individual licenses may be available on a geographic basis.

- ECC Tracker can be delivered via the Internet or hosted locally on secure servers.

- ECC Tracker may be available at no charge for approved government or approved Aggregator business operators.

For additional information about the software or about becoming a Carbon Credit Aggregator, or for demonstrations, contact Brad Henderson at Failsafe Canada Inc. at 403-313-6789 Ext. 104, by e-mail at [email protected], or visit 'http://www.failsafecanada.com'.

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Brad Henderson
Failsafe Canada Inc.
3025 - 12 St. N.E.
Calgary, Canada T2E 7J2
PHONE. (403) 313 6789 ext. 104
FAX. (403) 313-6792
EMAIL: [email protected]

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SOURCE: Failsafe Canada Inc.


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