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Lupus Foundation of America Inc Central Indiana Br
[email protected]

Company Information :
Lupus Foundation of America Inc Central Indiana Br
41 N Euclid
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201

Ph. 317-356-2678

Media Contacts:
T. Rachell Largent

[email protected]

Lupus Foundation of America Designates April 1 as National Lupus Alert Day: Lupus In No Joke

For Immediate Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind./EWORLDWIRE/March 5, 2005 --- Lupus is a devastating autoimmune disease that fools both patients and doctors. Unlike the harmless pranks played on people during April Fool's Day, lupus can have serious consequences.

The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) has designated April 1 as National Lupus Alert Day and urges all Americans to take the Lupus Quiz.

About 1.4 million Americans -- mostly women -- suffer from lupus, a disease that causes the immune system to attack the body's own tissue. Often called the great imitator because symptoms mimic other illnesses, lupus also fools its victims by going into periods of remission. Lupus can even fool doctors because there is no single test that can tell if a person has the disease.

The Lupus Quiz consists of eleven questions that can help determine if a person should consult a doctor for closer examination. Common symptoms of lupus include achy, painful or swollen joints for more than three months; unexplained fever over 100 degrees lasting more than a few days; persistent, extreme fatigue, exhaustion and weakness even after restful sleep; skin rashes, especially in the shape of a butterfly across the nose and cheeks; sensitivity to sunlight; pain in the chest on breathing deep.

The Lupus Foundation of America is the world's largest organization dedicated exclusively to finding a cause and cure for lupus. The LFA has local chapters and community-based support groups located throughout the United States. The LFA supports medical research, public education, patient services and advocacy programs.

For a free copy of the Lupus Quiz and a brochure about the disease, call the Lupus Foundation of America's Central Indiana Branch at 1-317-356-2678, or check your telephone directory for the LFA chapter serving your community.

For additional information about lupus, visit http://www.lupus.org.

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T. Rachell Largent
Indianapolis,Indiana 46201
3173562678 317-356-2678
[email protected]

KEYWORDS: Lupus, Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana

SOURCE: Lupus Foundation of America


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