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Company Information :
TruSolutions Corporation
13747 Montfort Dr., #310
Dallas, TX 75240
Ph. 972-419-0051
Fx. 972-419-0058

Media Contacts:
Paul A. Siemik

TruSolutions Corporation Introduces OxyFLEX Comfort Cream: A Natural Non-Perscription Topical Pain Relief Cream For Arthritis, Tendonitis And Muscle And Joint Discomfort

U.S. Patent and 22 years of clinical research validate the benefits of OxyFLEX(TM) Comfort Cream, which is specially formulated with unique hyper-oxygenated European oils.

For Immediate Release

DALLAS/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 8, 2005 --- TruSolutions Corporation of Dallas, Texas today announced that OxyFLEX (TM) Comfort Cream, a topical non-prescription pain relief cream, is available for the first time in the United States and worldwide.

OxyFLEX Comfort Cream provides temporary pain relief from arthritis, tendonitis, muscle strains, joint problems, backaches, carpel tunnel syndrome and other ailments. It is a naturally-acting anti-inflammatory and analgesic that is specially formulated with hyper-oxygenated oils exclusively imported from Europe.

"The opportunity to bring this naturally effective product to millions of people who suffer from arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems has taken over two years," said Paul A. Siemik, CEO of TruSolutions. "OxyFlex's patented process combined with over 22 years of clinical research document the tremendous benefits of OxyFLEX Comfort Cream."

According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the United States, and it is estimated that over 70 million Americans (33 percent) are affected. The aging "baby boom" generation is expected to have an enormous impact on arthritis prevalence, arthritis-related disability and health care utilization.

"Since the FDA removed Cox-2 Inhibitors from the market, consumers have searched for effective and safe alternatives," said Siemik. "OxyFLEX Comfort Cream provides that alternative. No other non-prescription product provides such dramatic relief."

The inflammatory process in humans is associated with swelling and tumefaction which creates pressure on the micro-vascular system around the site of inflammation. This inflammation process prevents natural physiological waste elimination from occurring, and the resulting pressure is the main cause of pain.

OxyFLEX Comfort Cream has been demonstrated to increase blood flow in the micro-vascular system on the site of application when massaged onto the affected area. An application of OxyFLEX Comfort Cream restores the normal elimination process of natural waste, reducing the physical pressure on the vascular system and thereby effectively and naturally relieving pain.

"OxyFLEX Comfort Cream is unique because it exerts a natural bio-mechanical process and not a pharmacological action similar to cortisone and other drugs," said Siemik.

"We are gratified daily by the letters we receive from customers," said Siemik.

"For several years, I have been suffering with arthritis in my hand hands," said OxyFLEX user Robert J. "Coach" Hayes from Alabama. "I quit shaking hands over two years ago. Then I tried OxyFLEX Comfort Cream. I rubbed it on my hands as directed, and within 30 minutes of using OxyFLEX Comfort Cream, I experienced relief I had not enjoyed in months - perhaps years."

For more information, or to purchase OxyFLEX Comfort Cream, visit www.trusolutionscorp.com or www.myoxyflex.com.

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Paul Siemik
TruSolutions Corporation
13747 Montfort Dr., #310
Dallas, Texas
PHONE. 972-419-0051
FAX. 972-419-0058
EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITES: http://www.trusolutionscorp.com, http://www.myoxyflex.com

KEYWORDS: arthritis, pain, relief, oxyFLEX, tendonitis, muscle, joint, backache, carpel tunnel syndrome, natural, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, comfort cream, hyper-oxygenated oils, TruSolutions

SOURCE: TruSolutions Corporation


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